TOP 16 The Application of Computer in Various Fields

In this blog, we will discuss the application of computer in various fields. Such as the Military, Banks, Research, Education, Information Technology, Media and Communications, etc.

Application of Computer

The Invention of computers has led to advancements in science and technology. Life has become more potential with the use of computers in our daily life. Earlier, it was mainly used by large organizations for research and engineering applications. But today, the computer is being used in almost every field of our life.

The application of computer major area is as follows.

TOP 16 Application of Computer in various environments.

1. Military:

The Application of computer plays a vital role in the design and development of high-tech weapons for defense where absolute accuracy is essential. The whole world saw the vast use of computers in defense during the Gulf and Afghanistan wars and also in the Iraq war.

computer role at military

Computerized simulation exercises are very helpful in training pilots. Computers are used to help in fighting terror by locating unlawful elements in the world with high accuracy. With the use of computer technology, government around the world can successfully execute their plans through effective planning. The world saw how America was able to plan the downfall of Osama and located him accurately.


As a result of the computerization and networking of a large number of banks, several facilities are being offered to customers. Using online banking, you can check your past transactions from the date of the account opening with a real-time balance.

banks applications of computer

Money can be easily transferred to any account across the globe. Internet banking also allows to use of ATM or Debit Card, Credit Card to shop, buy tickets, pay bills for utility services like electricity, telephone, and mobiles recharge.

You can even subscribe to free monthly bank account statements and apply online to open fixed deposits. the facility of subscribing to mobile banking enables you to virtually carry the bank with you.

3. Research:

The computer is facilitating research work in a tremendous way by performing complex computations, which sometimes seem impossible for humans. Some of them are listed below:-

uses of computer in Research
  • The computations required for launching a new satellite into space in one such example.
  • Earthquakes and Tsunami warnings are possible with the aid of computers.
  • Weather forecasting is done with the help of computers.
  • impact of nuclear tests can be studied using computers.

4. Education:

The application of computer play a vital role in Computer-aided learning and teaching is changing the entire spectrum of our education system. The multimedia-rich computerized animation and video help students to understand the concepts in a very simple and effective manner.

Education the application computer system

Virtual Classroom s is a reality nowadays. The technology uses video conferencing and online modules of study material for learning. With the advent of e-learning, students can study as per schedule. Now, It has become possible to conduct online entrance exams at the national and international levels with the help of computers.

The results of various education boards, as well as entrance exams, are available online. Students can find information about various colleges through the Internet and can apply online for desired courses.

5. Media and Communication

The application of computers has played a major role in revolutionizing the communication system. Since the Advent of Telephones and Television which were perceived as incredible things, we have come a long way to enjoy the facilities like mobile phones, the Internet, E-mail, SMS, Chating, Cable TV Video Conferencing, etc.

Media and  communication

Music can be composed by using MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface), which allows editing and controlling of sound. A variety of musical formats can be played as well as recorded by using computers.

6. Criminal Identification and LAW Enforcement:

The application of computers can create close resembling photographs of criminals. This helps CBI(Central Bureau of Investigation) staff to identify the criminals. The police use the DNA fingerprinting technique to identify the accused with the help of skin, hair, or blood samples collected from the site of the crime.

Traffic police

The traffic police use speed cameras on traffic lights to monitor people for law violations. The police also use computers to track the information of stolen automobiles and mobile phones in order to catch criminals in no time.

7. Entertainment:

At home, the application of computers is being used for as well as entertainment. With the advent of a computer, the member of the family can have easy access to games music, movies e-mail, chatting, and research for their projects and assignments. People can even enjoy the facility of watching television on their computers.


8. Business

Computer has helped in improving business activities throughout the world. The organization can have access to the latest technology and manpower across the world. E-commerce has completely changed the scenario of online shopping.


Much more online business growth from the application of computers such as Amazon, Flipkart, etc. Global business relations can be now maintained through the Internet. Computers are used in offices for maintaining sales and marketing records, stock control, Planning, Productions, Tax Records, and preparing salary sheets, etc.

9. Animation and Films

In the field of entertainment, the computer is used for making cartoon films, producing special musical effects, and bringing fantasy to life in movies. Cartoon characters like Walt Disney’s Mickey and Donald, Tom, Jerry, etc are given animation effects through computers.

Movie-like Jurassic Park, Godzilla, Happy Feet Robot, and Kung Fu Panda have used the latest computer animation techniques for giving special effects.

10. Book Publishing

With the help of the Application of computers, Designing, typing, and editing work can be done with great ease and efficiency. We can insert pictures, and apply various formatting features and styles to a book in no time using a computer.

11. Commercial Purpose

Advanced reservation of rooms in hotels and booking of cinema tickets is now possible from anywhere with the advent of the Internet. The billing system in theaters, shopping malls are hotels that have become possible through computers.

12. Engineering and Manufacturing

The Application of computers has played a major role in Computed Aided Design(CAD) and Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) for designing and manufacturing high-quality products like cars and planes.

Engineering and Manufacturing

Architects use computers for designing the layout of buildings and viewing objects in detail. A robot is a big advancement in technology that is used for skillful and repetitive work. Manufacturing with the support of robots and computers is called Computer Aided Manufacturing(CAM).

13. Sports

Computers are also used in the field of sports. The sports equipment used by athletes is first tested on computers. There are several sports exercise equipment, which have inbuilt programs to train sportspeople.

The training of athletes is done with the aid of computers, Scoreboards, recording speed of players, Action replay, printing, and selling of tickets are also done with the help of computers.

14. Medical Science

The Application of Computer help in diagnosing diseases and controlling important medical processes like CITI scan, X-ray, ECGs, and Ultrasounds.

Medical Science

Computerized equipment is helpful in maintaining patients’ medical records and performing surgeries. Computers can be used for research and to help doctors in the treatment of diseases.

15. Government Sector

Computers are used for official correspondence, budgeting, accounts, reporting, payroll, attendance, uploading of various schemes, forms, etc. Sectors like the census bureau, Income TAX, airline and railway, and electricity board of telephone exchanges are benefiting from computer technology.

16. Library and Museum

The Application of the Computer of the library help to maintain records of the issue and deposit dates of books, encyclopedias, CDs, etc. A computer can maintain a subject-wise listing of books and helps in indexing and searching a particular book quickly.


People can read newspapers, magazines, and journals online. In museums, computers are used to give information and play recorded commentary on relevant topics.

The advantage and applications of computers in various fields are unlimited. Now it must be evident to you how computers become an essential part of our life. It has influenced our lives to such an extent that we cannot even imagine working without this electronic device.

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