Basic Full forms in Computer

LAN   : Local Area     Network

CPU    :  Central Processing Unit

HTTP  :  HyperText Transfer Protocol

WAN   : Wide Area Network

IP      : Internet Protocol


MPLS- Multiprotocol Label Switching CAN  - Campus Area Network   SAN   - Storage Area Network  OSI -  Open System Interconnection  ISO - Internation Standard for Standardization 

TCP - Transmission Contro Protocol UDP - User DatagramProtocol NMSs-  Network Management  Stations NICs- Network Interface Cards RIP  -  Routing Information Protocol 

OSPF - Open Shortest Path First QOS - Quality Of Service MAC - Media Access Controller LLC  - Logic Link Control

MAN  - Metropolitan Area Network   DTE - Data Terminal Equipment   DCE - Data Communication Equipment PDUs - Protocol Data Units  

PVC   - Polyvinyl Chloride    FEP - Fluorinated ethylene propylene     UTP - Unshielded twisted-pair   STP - Shielded Twisted-pair    

NTP  - Network Time Protocol TTL - Time to Live WEP - Wired Equivalent Privacy WPA - Wi-Fi Protected Access PIR - Passive infrared systems

DMZ   -  Demilitarized zone FTP  -  File Transfer Protocol IPX - Internetwork Packet Exchange MD-IDS- Misuse-Detection IDS AD-IDS Anomaly-Detection NIDS - Network-Based IDS