5 Ways to Fix “Failed to obtain IP Address” Wi-Fi error on Mobile or Laptop

If you are getting error “Failed to obtain IP Address” while connecting to WIFI on Android Mobile or Laptop then follow this article.

Failed to obtain IP Address

The “Failed to obtain IP Address” usually shows up when accessing the network through a WiFi network on a Computer or Mobile. Many more people notice that he was using the internet for last some days but today while trying to connect from WiFi getting an error like Failed to obtain an IP Address to your device.

What is the root cause of Failed to obtain IP Addresses on WiFi?

There are several reasons that can be Failed to obtain IP Address error. Some fo top root are followings-

Router End :

  • Router Hang.
  • IP Range full.
  • Filtering Issue.
  • Router Policy etc.

Client End:

  • WiFi Device hangs.
  • Firewall or Antivirus Policy.
  • Device issue etc.

Note:- If you are getting issue “Failed to obtain IP Address” on Windows 10, Android Phone or any device 80% cases will be resolved from router end.

Anyway if you are getting this error follow the below steps that can be helpful to solve the issue.

How to Fix “Failed to obtain IP Address” on Android Phone/Windows 10?

In this article, We are going to first fix the issue from the router end then fix it from the client end.

Router end or Hosts End:

1. Reboot you Router or Hosts end Device

Some IT professionals experience this error “Failed to obtain IP Address” will be resolved after Restart Your Hosts end Device. if your Router is Power on from Longtime duration then one of the reasons behind it.

if you are using WiFi from Mobile Hotspot, Windows 10 Laptop Hotspot, Router, USB WiFi simply Restart that device and observed the issue.

If your problem is still persisted then follow Method-II.

2. Verify Your Client IP address Pool and MAC filtering

If you are using WiFi from router then you should verify your client IP address poll. It may be all the IP address defined to all devices. If your IP address Pool full then exceed the limit of Pool.

Some organisation use MAC filtering from control of WiFi Network. So you need to verify your MAC filtering on Organisation. If your device is not added in Filter list then add your device.

Hopefully, Your problem will be resolved. If again persisted then follow Method-III.

Client End:

3. Disable Enable your WiFi Adapter

If you are using Windows 10 and want to access WiFi Network then Once Disable and enable your WiFi adapter. To disable, Enable WiFi adapter follow these steps-

This is first and easy step to fix ethernet doesn’t have a valid ip configuration-

  1. Hold the Windows+R key.
  2. Type NCPA.CPL and Enter. (Open Network Connections).
  3. Right, Click on Network Adapter and select Disable.
  4. Then enable Network Adapter – Right, Click on Network Adapter, and select Enable.

4. Forget WiFi Network and Reconnect Again on Network

If you are using the Internet from WiFi and getting the error “Failed to obtain IP Address” on android or Laptop then forget Once Network and reconnect from the Network.

How to Forget WiFi Network from Android Phone?

To Forget WiFi network on Android Phone follow these easy steps-

  1. Navigate to settings.
  2. Click on Network and Internet.
  3. Click on WiFi.
  4. Long Press on selected WiFi Network(Forget network) and select Forget Network.
  5. Try to Reconnect from Network.

Windows 10:

How to Forget WiFi Network on Windows 10?

To forget WiFi Network on Windows 10 Follow these steps-

  1. Navigate to Right-click on Taskbar and click on WiFi Symbol or UP symbol.
  2. Click on the WiFi symbol.
  3. Right Click on Forget network and select Forget.
  4. Reconnect From Network.
Forget network on Windows 10

We hope your problem will resolved if still persisted then follow Method-V.

5. Rename Your Android Device

Many More People notice that after rename his android device his problem has been resolved. To rename your android device follow these steps-

  1. Navigate to settings and click on about Phone.
  2. Click on Device Name and type new Name of Device.
  3. Click on Ok and Restart your Device.
  4. After Restart your Device try to reconnect from Network.


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