How to use Sound Emojis on Facebook Messenger?

By | July 17, 2021

Hey! Facebook has been launched Sound Emoji on World Emoji Days. If You want to know how to use sound emojis on Facebook, this article is best for you.

How to use Sound Emojis on Facebook Messenger

World Emoji Day 2021 is being celebrated across the country today i.e. on 17th July. A day before this, Facebook has launched a new emoji. It will be known as SoundMojis. Facebook has become the first company to do so.

This will be a chatting experience for the user fun. Soundmoji has been rolled out to Facebook Messenger. According to the Facebook claim, Soundemojis is the next level emoji, which will allow users to send a message with a sound clip along with emoji.

Users will have the ability to associate a variety of sounds with any emoji. It ranges from clapping to cricket, drumrolls, and loud laughter. Approx 2.4 billion messages are sent daily with emojis.

Facebook Messenger Vice President Lorendra Crisan said that what can’t be said in words is easier to say with emoji. But now your emoji is talk too. There’s also an option to add what sound you want to send with emoji.

Tips to use Sound Emojis on Messenger:

  1. Navigate to Meassager.
  2. Tap on typing area of the chating bar. after that click on smiley face.
  3. After that the expresion menu will be open then click on loud speaker Icon.
  4. Now you can priview the emoji sound before sending it.
  5. Now users users then be able to send their Soundemoji.

Facebook said that the company will launch a complete library of Soundmojis where many sounds can select. It will be rolled out in a phased manner. This will include new sound effects and sound bites. There will be a different emoji for each sound.

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