How to set up and Download TSC MH240 Series Printers

By | March 12, 2021

In this article, We will know How to set up and Download TSC MH240 Series Printers such as loading the Ribbon and Black Label, and drivers install on Windows environments.

set up and Download TSC MH240 Series Printers

TSC MH240 Series Barcode Printer is a thermal transfer or direct thermal barcode printer manufactured by TSC Auto ID Technology Co LTD. The TSC MH240 can use for the high quality and fastest printing. TSC MH240 Series can internally rewind full label roll on 3″ core.

Features of TSC MH240 series printers:

  • Smart Colour Full Display

TSC MH240 series printers have a smart color full display where you can see the information about such as how many barcodes have been printed or Pending, Error information such as Ribbon, Label change, settings of printers, etc.

  • Enhance Print Quality

TSC MH240 Series is specially designed for the best print quality because uses the latest printhead technology combines with the fastest processors and upgraded firmware.

  • Multiple resolution for a wide range of applications

The TSC MH240 series can print a wide variety of labels industry duty printing, distribution labels, shipping and receiving labels, Ticketing, electronics, and jeweling labeling, Ticketing.

  • Optional Full Roll Internal Rewind Version

The TSC MH240 series allows the user to entire rolls of labels rewound inside the printers. You can internally rewind the full label roll on a 3″ core.

How to change Install Ribbon, Labels on TSC MH240 Series Printers?

Video- Tutorial for change Install Ribbon TSC MH240 Series Printers :

Video- Tutorial for change or install Labels on TSC MH240 Series Printers :

How to download and install TSC MH240 series printers Drivers on Windows 10?

To download and install download and install TSC MH240 series printers Drivers on Windows 10 follow these steps-

  1. Navigate to the browser and type on the address bar.
  2. Click Here to Direct Visit Download website

3. Double Click on TSC_2020.4 file and Run.

4. Accept Licence Agreement and click on Next.

5. Click Next on Activation Directory.

6. Click Finish on Installation information.

7. select Install Printer drivers and click on Next.

8. Select Printer connection type USB and click on Next.

9. Specify Printer name and click on Next.

10. Click Finish on “completing the Seagull Driver Wizard”.

13. Click Close on after installation finish.

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