What is the Motherboard in Computer?-Components and definition of Motherboard with Diagram

In this article, we will discuss about what is the Motherboard in Computer? Component and definition of Motherboard with Diagram.

diagram of New  computer motherboard What is the Motherboard in Computer?-Definition and Diagram of Motherboard

What is the Motherboard in Computer?

A motherboard is the most significant component of a computer that holds different components through PCB (Printer Circuit Board ) for various purposes. The motherboard contains components such as Basic Input Output System (BIOS), Central Processing Unit (CPU), I/O ports, Memory, External I/O connector, I/O controller chipset, and expansion slots.

A motherboard is also known as a system board, Logic board, MB, and Mainboard. In the teams of Motherboard, we cannot think about computers because all the computer main components installed on the motherboard.

What is the main Components of a Computer Motherboard?

The motherboard is an integrated circuit board with many different component like the Processor, I/O ports, chipset, memory, slots, co processor etc. The Major component of the motherboard are followings-

  • Chipset
  • Processor socket or slot.
  • Super I/O chip.
  • BIOS.
  • BUS slots.
  • SIMM/DIMM sockets.

The motherboard can be identified by using the standards given below-

  • chipset is a component present in motherboard which connects the CPU to the other components present in a computer.
  • The sockets used to hold the Microprocessor defines the type of Microprocessor that can be connected to the Motherboard.
  • The BIOS ROM chip which stores the system configuration and performs the Power on self Test (POST) to check the functioning of different components in a computer.

Top List Of Computer Motherboard Component with explanations-

Processor Socket or Slot:

Processor Socket or slot on of the most slot of the motherboard where insert or install the processor. If you are inserting a processor you need to taking care of the cut mark symbol for installation of the processor on a socket.

Processor socket of Computer motherboard

Memory Slot (RAM):

A memory slot uses to Insert the RAM. To Insert RAM you need to Open the Lock of RAM slot both the end and insert the RAM according to cut marked on socket.

RAM socket on Motherboard


In the New Motherboard now IDE (Electronics Device Electronics) port has been removed because of the Maximum of people using SATA or SSD. You can insert your SSD/SATA on same size of the port.


24 Pin ATX power connector and P4 power Connector:

24 PIN ATX and P4 power connector used to connect from SMPS to Motherboard. Whenever you try to connect from 24 PIN ATX and P4 power connector to board you should verify the lock on the socket then insert it to board.

24 PIN power connector
24 PIN ATX power Connector
4 pin power connector on Motherboard
P4 Connector

CMOS Battery:

All the motherboards present the battery of them. CMOS Battery is used for real-time clock chips. CMOS battery used to run all time clock chips for maintaining the times and date of the system. Clock Chip has 64 bytes of data 10 bytes of data used to maintain real-time and 54 bytes used for another activity.

CMOS Battery
CMOS battery


The jumper is a small connector of the motherboard which can be placed between two pins to make the electrical connection between PCB. The main works of Jumper in motherboard for resetting the BIOS password. To reset the BIOS password you should remove the Jumper from the board and power on the computer after a few seconds power off the computer and reinstall the jumper in the same place.

Front USB and Front Audio Connector:

Front-panel USB and Front panel audio connector used to connect front panel port of USB and audio of Cabinet. A USB and audio socket generally of 10 Pins arrange in two rows of five but some motherboard 1 or 2 PIn marked as NC.

front panel audio connector
Front panel USB 3.0

Front Panel or System panel Connector:

Front Panel connector or system Panel connector used to control power button, reset button, and LEDs. There are five types of system Panel port-

  • HDD LED used for Hard drive activity indications.
  • PLED used indicates the computer is Power On, Power off and stand by of computer.
  • PWRSW used to control the power button of the computer for power on the computer.
  • Reset SW used to control the restart button of the computer for restarting the computer.
  • Speaker used to an internal speaker of the motherboard.

North Bridge:

North Bridge is one of the controller chips used to communicate between the processor and Level 2 cache memory accelerate Graphic Port and PCI bus. The northbridge used to provide fast communication between various components and Processor.

North bridge of Motherboard

South Bridge:

The south bridge used to control slower I/O components like USB ports, Serial Ports, IDE ports. The south bridge is connected to the PCI bus of North bridge.

Back panel diagram of New Motherboard with descriptions-

Back panel diagram of motherboard

Now Modern Motherboard has been changed. We are going to discuss all the latest back panel motherboard ports with the use of them.

  • PS2 Port

The PS2 port on the motherboard used to connect PS2 devices like a mouse and keyboard.

  • USB Port

The USB port on the motherboard used to connect a USB device such as a mouse, keyboard, external hard drive, Pendrive, barcode scanner, Printer, etc.

  • DVI (Digital Video Interface)

A DVI port used to connect video sources such as controllers, to display devices such as computer LED.

  • HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) Port

An HDMI port used to connect Display devices from HDMI port such as LED and Monitor.

  • LAN (Local area Network) Port

A LAN port used to connect from Network to communicate with the network to access of Internet or Network.

  • Audio Port

The audio Port used to connected audio devices such as MIC, Headphones speakers.

  • VGA (Video Graphics Array)

A VGA port used to communicate display devices such as Monitor, LED, LCD, etc.

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