The Application of Computer in Business

By | May 8, 2024

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The Application of computer in Business

The computer has a huge contribution fast-growing world today. If there was no computer, we would not have been able to progress as fast in Technology and Science. It is the computer that easily can do any work. The contribution of computers is very much in our daily life.

Whether it is business, education, research, and development, engineering and manufacturing, animation and film, bank, criminal identification, law enforcement, media and communication, military computers are contributions everywhere.

Top 11: The Application of Computer in Business

1. Business Communication

The computer plays a vital role in business communication. In the olden days, communication of your business was done by sending letters. But nowadays we can communicate our business from one location.

At present time there are many mediums through which we can manage our business. Email. chat, video conferencing, advertising, and websites through which we can easily do business communication. Computer contributes to all the business growth happening today.

2. Inventory Management

Inventory Management is the key to any company that is successfully managed from a computer. Before the computer, any inventory was noted on paper, which was a difficult task for humans.

With the help of a computer, you can easily manage inventory like how many articles are in, and out, and how many presents are in stock. If your inventory is accurate that can increase the production speed of your business.

application of computer in business

There are many software available for inventory management that you can purchase and install and easily manage your Inventory Management. SAP and Microsoft Navision ERP are some examples of inventory management software.

3. Customer Relationship Management

CRM is one of the Applications of Computers in business via you can easily manage your customer information. CRM plays a vital role for any large organization. In a real environment, CRM is a huge contribution to any business.


If you have ordered a product online, whenever you call the call center, the agent will give you all the information within a minute. This is the result of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) through which you can take information in minutes.

4. Employee Management System

As a result of computerization, a large number of employees in any business are easily managed. Much more software is available for payroll management systems via which you can easily manage employee information.

Employee management software

With the help of employee management software, you can get the information of an employee like the date of joining, name and address of the employee, salary details, attendance details, pending leave, etc.

5. Easy for Employee Hiring

Everyone wants to have an experienced and well-qualified employee, with help of a computer, you can do online employee hiring and get an offer from them. The employee also can apply for a job with the help of a computer from any location.


Nowadays many more platforms are available via which you can easily post a job and hire qualified employees. If you want to hire an employee then can post a job on Shine, monster, or Naukri which will get many candidates for the same profile.

6. Sales Analysis

Sales play an important role in business and also decide the growth of the company. With the help of a computer, you can do your sales analysis. You can calculate how much sales happened in this financial, how much is an expense, and how far are behind and ahead of last financial year.

sales analysis

Many more software you can install on the computer and generate the sales analysis of your business. Some of the popular software is the following- Microsft Office, Looker, Groove, Sharpspiring active campaign, etc.

7. Production Planning

With the help of the application of computers in business can also be production planning. You can decide how long your order was pending and how much stock have available, If you have a shortage of stock then you can manage it accordingly.

8. Media and Advertisment

Media and advertisement have an important role in any business. The computer plays an important role in media and advertising, through which you promote your business. whether they are noticed on boards or in online advertising, every advert via any media is fully done with a computer.

media and advertising

Through a computer, you can run your advertisement on different platforms such as Google, youtube, Bing, yahoo, or any other apps. There are many ad providers such as Google Ads, Bing ads, Amazon Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, etc, where you can promote your business.

9. Data Management System

Data is an important contributor to the growth of any business and it is not possible that data should be run on hard copy. computer plays a vital role in the data management system of a full organization where you can store in digital format.

Today, most companies store digital versions of data on a computer or server. These documents become instantly available to everyone in the company from any location. you can also store your data on the cloud with the help of the Internet and computers can be managed around the world.

10. Finance and Controlling

The contribution of finance and controlling of computers is commendable because nowadays you cannot manage with hardcopy format. With the help of a computer, you can manage your accounting sheet, asset, cash flow, expense, accounts payable, accounts receivable, capital, cash flow, etc.

Finance and controlling

There is many software that can easily be installed on your computer. Some of the popular accounting software such as Tally.ERP9, Vypar, Zoho Books, Quickbooks India, profit books, Busy accounting, etc.

11. Management Information System

A management Information system is the key department of any company that provides information on sales data, expense productivity of data, profitability over time, identity areas for improvement, etc. All the work is only possible through a computer.

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    Media and advertisement have an important role in any business. Computer plays an important role in media and advertising, through you promote your business. whether they are noticed on boards and online advertising, every advert via any media is fully done with a computer

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