11 Uses of the Internet in Various Fields

By | June 24, 2021

Hey! do you want to know the uses of the internet in various fields? Then this article is best for you because we are going to discuss 17 uses of the internet in various fields.

What are uses of the Internet in various fields

What is the Internet?

Internet stand for International network of computer, it is the largest information base and has become a vital part or our lives. Internet is changing the world even in more radical way than we ever think.

Tasks that were once done mostly through personal interaction, such as banking, shopping, or communication can now be done online. Using the Internet, we can share data and information across the globe instantly. The Internet has made the world a smaller and better place to live in.

Today the buzzworld is only Internet. The network on Internet is getting wider with every passing day. To analyze how fast the use of Internet is growing, just pick any newspaper or magazine and carefully observe the advertisement given in them.

You would realize that almost every news paper single company has its website listed in addition to its address and telephone numbers. Every organization is making its presence felt on the Internet.

What are the uses of internet?

Most of the uses of the Internet in our daily life is following-

1. Banks

As a result of Internet large number of banks provides several types of facility to a customer for the satisfaction of them. Using online banking you check your current balance, past history of transactions in real-time.

The Internet is helping customers in the banking sector to can be easily transferred and received money across the globe. Uses of Internet banking also allow using for shopping from Debit card and Credit card, buys tickets, pay bills for utility service like mobile recharge, electric bill payment, etc.

uses of internet in Banks

Apart from this, with help from the Internet in the banking sector, you can also use services and support from home such as applying for a new Cheque Book, E-statement, an Increase in credit card limit, Block and replace a card, set/reset pin, etc.

2. Online Education

Internet is playing a vital role in the education system for online studying after the corona epidemic. After 2020 online studying is too popular rather than offline studying due to the lockdown maximum of countries.

The Internet has availability for broad education on any topic in different fields. Students can be studying any topic by just expanding quick minutes and find the information. Multimedia and video can help students to easily clear any concepts.

what are uses of internet in education system

Most of the students have devices to easily access the Internet. Now it has become possible to conducted the online entrance exam at nation and international levels with the helps of Internet.

Students can also easily getting facilities such as Download E-books, Result, Grade Card, Notice, College/School information, apply online for desired courses, etc through the Internet at home.

3. Entertainment

Entertainment is one of the uses of the internet in various fields. Entertainment is one of the best things for a happy life. There are various options for people on the Internet, which can try on the Internet such as watching movies, playing online games in real-time, live game streaming, listing to music, web series, etc.

People can even enjoy the facility of download and share music, movies, pictures, etc from the internet. You can say the internet is a collection of entertainment and information.

4. Business

 The Internet has helped in improving business activities throughout the world. The organization can have access to the latest technology and manpower across the world. E-commerce has completely changed the scenario of online shopping.

Much more online business growth from the such as Amazon, Flipkart, etc. Global business relations can be now maintained through the Internet. Internet is too important in any business organization for fast development.

5. Hospital

The Internet has made it a lot easier for patients to directly coordinate with doctors. Many more apps or directly through the web you can coordinate with doctors through video conferencing.

uses of internet in hospital

Patients can even scheduling appointments, pay bills, claiming insurance payments, check testing reports and download their reports from home through the internet. If you are looking for hospitals nearby you, through the internet can easily find a hospital, medical store, testing lab, etc.

6. Government Sector

The Internet is playing a significant role in government sectors. You can see any notification in real-time apart from the globe. Government offers businessmen to applying for tendring through the Internet.

The sector like census bureau, Income TAX, airline and railway, electricity board of telephone exchanges are benefiting from computer and internet technology. The government is using internet technology for providing public services to the Public.

Apart from this, you can use government requirement and their services through the internet. Some of the common services that you can apply on government websites such as birth certificates, building permits, business licenses, death certificates, marriage certificates, visas, paying fines, applying for jobs, personal identity cards, etc.

7. E-Commerce and E-Services

Internet is a collection of E-commerce and E-services websites’-commerce allows the user to deal with commercials or Business from the internet. Users can sell their products and advertisement their products Online.

It has become a phenomenon associated with any kind of E-shopping has become one of the biggest industries in the world. We can purchase goods, such as books, gift items, or even electronic gadgets from different shopping portals around the world. This scenario change has become possible only with the proper utilization of the Internet.


E-services one of the advantages of the internet that provide a facility for online banking, Online Purchasing, railway, movie, Air tickets, and job searching, etc.

8. Cloud Computing and Cloud Storage

Cloud Computing and Cloud Storage are some of the best advantages of the internet that provides users to access your device or computer from the cloud or any location. In Cloud, Computing users can access his computer and applications from any location of the world. Each and Every people want to move in the Cloud and do not expense for Hardware and Data Centre.

uses of internet in cloud

The Internet also provides services for Cloud storage that allow the user to store his information on Cloud. Cloud allows the user to access and storage his information from any location. Cloud makes your data to make safe and secure and easy to access via the Internet. one of the best examples of cloud storage Google Drive & Onedrive that allow users to store their information on Cloud.

9. Address, Mapping, and Contact information

The Internet provides the services of GPS it allows users to search for information, Mapping, and contact information from single points. In Present, this is too trend to search address or know about any contact information from the Internet.

10. Information and Knowledge

The Source of pieces of information and knowledge is the best advantage of the internet. The Internet allows the user to collect any pieces of information about his mind from many more search engines available on the Internet such as Google, Bing, etc. Google is one of the best search engines on the Internet.

The Internet also provides such as services like questions and answers and millions of videos available on the Internet. Youtube is one of the very popular video platforms on the Internet And You can easily find the source of video like technical, Non-Technical, Etc.

11. Cashless Transactions

Cashless transaction is a huge contribution of the Internet. We can’t think about cashless transactions without of internet. Most of the countries are promoting digital marketing and cashless transactions.

In cashless transactions, you don’t need to carry money. Just swan or scan and pay the amount. The cashless transaction allows user to maintain their transactions.

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