What is Event Viewer on Windows Operating System

In this article, We will know What is Event Viewer, types of the log, and how to view event logs on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, etc.

What is event viewer

What is the Event Viewer?

Microsoft Windows Operating System introduced the event viewer in all the NT based Operating system Such as Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, etc. An Event Viewer tool is used to view and manage logs of system, and security events on your computer.

Events Viewer provides Five types of event –

  • Error.
  • Warning
  • Information
  • Audit Success
  • Audit Failure

Event viewer Logs Categories in Four Categories on Windows 10-

  1. Custom View: Custom view Logs designed for Administrative events such as Critical, Error, and Warning Events from all administrative logs.

2. Windows Log:- Windows Logs Event Viewer Provide five types of logs are explained below-

  • Application Log– The Application Log Contains events generated by the Application. If an Application is installed or uninstalled, or when a database application is started or stopped logged in the application log, The event that needs to be logged for applications determined by the application developer.
  • Security Log- The security log contains all the security events such as valid and invalid logon attempts to the system, any event related to using a resource such as access to the shared folder, printer, creating, Opening, or deleting the file, etc. The security events that should be recorded in the security log are specified by the administrator. This can be done by configuring the audit policy present in the security settings of the computer.
  • System Log- The system log contains the events generated by the system components of Windows . For example , if a driver of Hardware , Software or system component such as Terminal Services , Workstation, etc fails to load during start-up, this failure is recorded in the system log . The events logged in system log are determined by the operating system.

3. Application and Services Log– Application and Services Log provide following types of events viewer-

  • Go Pro Desktop App.
  • Hardware events.
  • Internet Explorer.
  • Key Management Services.
  • Microsoft (Microsoft Office Diagnostics, Microsoft Office sessions).
  • Open SSH (Windows PowerShell).

4. Subscriptions– Event Viewer subscriptions used for view events and log on your computer if required then you can easily view the logs of a remote computer.

How to View Event Logs on Windows?

The various event generated by the application or operating system are sequentially logged into respective event logs, which can be view from event viewer tool. The event that are logged in each of the event log type.

Event Viewer Properties

The information provide by the property of an event is explained in the following table:-

Event PropertyDescriptions
DateThe field provides the date when the event was generated.
TimeThe field provides the time when the event was generated.
SourceThe field provides the source application or the system service that generated the event.
Event IDThe field provides the ID associated with the generated event. Each event id which is assigned by the application. The number is used by the product support representative to solve the problem.
CategoryThe field provides the category type, which is set by the source of the event.
UserThe field provides the login name of the user when the vent was generated.
ComputerThe field provides the computer name on which event was generated.
DescriptionsThe field provides a description of the event that was generated.
DateThe field provides binary data generated by the event, which can be understood by the application support representative, in order to troubleshoot.

How to Open Event viewer on Windows 10?

  1. Navigate to Run (Windows +R).
  2. Type eventvwr and press Enter.
How to Open Event Viewer


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