What is URL (Uniform Resource Locator)? Explain the Components of URL. [4 Components ]

By | February 16, 2022

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What is URL Uniform Resource Locator Explain the Components of URL

What is URL? Discuss its Components.

The URL stands for (Uniform Resource Locator) denotes the global address of the Web documents and web resources. Internet communication is the main reason for identifying resources on the web.

This communication between a web user and internet resources is possible by identifying each resource on the internet in a standardized manner.

A Unifor resource locator is the same as Uniform Resource Identifier that is abbreviated as URI. By definition, a URI is a string of characters that is used to identify resources on the Internet.

An example of a website URL is the following: https://conceptsall.com/

Discuss the components of url with an example

The components of the URL are as follow-

Explain the Components of URL


The Scheme is the first part of a web address, also known as the protocol identifier. It is the HTTPS://. It tells the internet browser what protocol needs to be followed to pull up the address.

Other frequently used schemes are- FTP:// and Mailto://.


The second part of the web address identifies the host. The host normally started with “www”, which indicates the World Wide Web. This tells the browser that the site is located on the internet.

If the web address in the intranet is will not begin with www because it is an internal website that can only be viewed by internal computers of the organization. The host is followed by a domain name which may be of a person, company, or organization.

For example, the Concepts all domain name is conceptsall.com.


All the domain extensions are monitored and regulated by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). The “.gov” extension is used with the official government website and “.com” is used by commercial organizations, companies, or individuals.

The (.info) extension is usually used for the informational website, with no selling involved, the “.org” extension is used by organizations, and the “.edu” extension is used by education institutions.


This is the last part of the URL. The path tells the browser what file is to be used from the domain directory. For example, “/quote.php” might be the name of the web page that stores quotations.


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