How to Fix “Acer Monitor Input not Supported” on Windows 11/10

By | April 10, 2022

Hey! are you getting an error on Acer Monitor Input not supported?. To fix this on Windows OS then, should follow the full articles.

How to Fix Acer Monitor Input not Supported on Windows 11 10

Several Windows Users encountered the error input not supported on Acer Monitor. Many users have this problem that yesterday they had shut down the computer properly, but today the computer is turning on, so it will get this error message – Monitor Input not Supported.

If you work in a large organization and have a lot of computers, and for some reason, you just need to replace your computer screen. If you have replaced the screen of your computer whose resolution is lower than the computer output, then you may get this error – Monitor Input not Supported.

Apart from this, when you try to turn on your computer and not get any light on the LED of the Mouse and keyboard, then might be your computer hardware failure issue. If you are using an Acer monitor then this error comes like Acer Monitor Input not Supported.

If when you turn on the computer and the booting process is happening and this problem is coming while loading Windows, then there may be a problem with your computer resolution.

How to fix Acer Monitor Input not Supported?

To fix Acer Monitor Input not Supported follow these below easy steps-

1. Verify Your Computer Hardware Failure Status

First of all, verify your computer hardware failure or cable connection (VGA, HDMI) Cable. If your computer’s hardware is booting up correctly and your computer’s cable is properly connected.

If the hardware booting process is not happening, then it might be a computer hardware problem. To fix Input not Supported discussed with your computer hardware technician.

If your computer hardware process is happening and also replace the cable, then continue to the Next Step-

2. Boot your Computer on Safe Mode with Enable Low-resolution Video

To boot your computer on Safe Mode with Enable Low-resolution Video follow these easy steps-

STEP#1. Hold the Shift button and mash the F8 key when Windows starts. This will sometimes boot you into the new advanced repair options.

STEP#2. Now select Troubleshoot Options.

Advanced options on safe mode

STEP#3. Now select Startup Settings.

advanced options in windows 11

STEP#4. Then hit the Restart button.

reset option on windows 11

STEP#5. Press the F4 key on your keyboard, to enable Safe Mode.

If F8 and Shift+F8 is not working or if Windows 10 doesn’t boot properly, then you can enable the legacy Advanced Boot Options menu that allows you to press F8 upon startup

STEP#6. Insert the Windows bootable USB drive, Change the BIOS Settings to use the Windows USB drive as the First boot Drive.

STEP#7. Click Next on Windows Welcome Screen.

STEP#8. Click on Repair Your Computer.

STEP#9. Click on Troubleshoot.

STEP#10. Click on Advanced Options.

STEP#11. Click on Command Prompt.

STEP#12. Navigate to C drive by C: and, hit enter.

STEP#13. To enable type the following commands-


Note:- If in the future if you want to disable then type the following comands-


Enable Boot menu policy Ligancy

STEP#14. Now type exit, and press enter.

STEP#15. During the system restart, press F8 repeatedly on the keyboard until advanced boot options appear on the screen.

STEP#16. Now select Enable low-resolution video.

Now, Change the Computer resolution

To Change computer resolution follow these easy steps-

STEP#17. Right-Click on this PC and select Properties.

STEP#18. Now, Click on Display from the left side panel.

STEP#19. Click on Display resolution and select “Recommended” resolution.

STEP#20. Restart Your computer.

So, This is all about the “Acer Monitor Input not Supported”. Please comment on this article. if you have any doubts or queries please Comment to us.

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