Application of Computer Graphics

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Application of Computer Graphics

The contribution of computers is in every field of which computer graphics is one of them. The term computer graphics was first coined by Boeing’s graphic designer William Fetter in 1960.

You can easily understand any topic, with help of graphics and it is also remembered by you. For example, if any topics are discussed in a presentation that can easily understand by you, same as school children can easily understand with help of graphics.

Computer graphics is technology, from which can create an Image, Design, Presentation, Web designing, computer art, etc, with help of different types of software.

Nowadays, each and every user want to add some extra graphics card to the computer for good display information, Designing purposes, interact user information, and simulation. Image draw, video game, animation, screen saver, TV show, etc are some examples of computer graphics.

Types of Computer Graphics:

There are two types of computer Graphics-

  • Intractive Computer Graphics

Interactive computer graphics is a type of graphics where users can control graphics and can be changed on it.

  • Non Intractive Computer Graphics

Non-interactive computer graphics is a type of graphics where users can only view the graphics and can’t be changed on them.

Let us know the application of computer graphics one by one.

Top 10 Application of Computer Graphics

1. Digital Element

The digital element is one of the best computers graphics applications. You can easily create any logo, cartoon, painting, frame, featured image, etc with help of computer graphics. If you want, you can create offline or online through computer software.

Digital art

If you want to design online digital art, Canva, Befuncky, Designfreelogoonline is some of the best websites where you can design your digital art. If you want to design offline art, Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Designer, Sketch, Gravit Designer, Vecteezy is some of the software which can install and use.

2. Education Sector

There is a huge contribution of computer graphics in the education sector whether it is a student or a teacher. All can easily understand through computer graphics. A teacher can easily explain to the student through Image, Presentation, Video, etc.

computer graphics contribution on education sector

Apart from this, students can learn about computer graphics and also can create the logo, drawing, project, video, etc. In the Corona epidemic, students are being told through images and videos how corona can be avoided.

MSPaint, Corel Draw, Microsoft Office, Page maker, Tux paint are some popular software through which students can learn and create computer graphics.

3. Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

Computer graphics are used in building design, metro projects, aircraft, automobiles, construction, Spacecraft, Optical system, chips, tools, etc. A computer graph is made, before starting any projects. CAD use wireframe outline form for creating any computer graphics.

CAD design

You can also design your project in 2D and 3D. TinkerCAD, FreeCAD, BlocksCAD, Creo, Fusion 360°, Solidworks, AutoCAD, CATIA, OpenSCAD, Rhino are some popular Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software.

4. Medical Application

The application of computer graphics plays a vital role in the medical sector. You can take a 2D colorful image of organs or the human body produced. Then this image is transferred to the CG tool. Surgeons use this for rehearse.

X-ray, blood tests, any types of medical reports are also shown through graphics, Which makes it convenient for the doctor to give medicine to a patient.

5. Entertainment

You can’t imagine entertainment without computer graphics because computer graphics play a vital role in entertainment. Nowadays graphics are used the most in the field of entertainment. videos, animations, audios, television shows, musicals, motion pictures, that is possible only with graphics.

Computer graphics use in entertainment

Final Draft, Studio Binder, The black list, Movie Magic, Gorilla, Share Grid, KitSplit, Gofundme are some popular software for making entertainment.

6. Training Purposes

Computer graphics is one of the best ways to trained the employee. You can train your employee through a presentation of any update. A trainer can prepare a model to give training to the employee.

Renderforest, KJeynote by Apple, Microsoft PowerPoint, Sway, Focusky, Libreoffice impress, Presi, Canva, Slidebean, Zoho show, Apache Openoffice Impress are some popular software that can be used for computer graphics.

7. Video Game

A video game is one of the application of computer graphics, through which play video games. Graphics have a big contribution to all the popular games that have happened. Call of Duty (COD), 8 Ball Poll, Among Us, Ludo King, Clash of Clans, Spades Royale- Best Online Spades Card, World Table Tennis Champions, PUBG (Player Unknown Battleground) are some popular games.

8. Simulation and Virtual Reality

Through Computer Graphics, You can create an image, which you feel like a reality. Industrial, Mechanical, and complex processes are simulated with the help of graphics and video animation to trained the workers for process operation.

The Wild, Facebook Horizon, Yulio, Hubs, Insite VR, Cluster, Firefox reality, cardboard, Google scale, Unity are some popular software via which you can easily create simulation and virtual reality graphics.

9. Graphics user Interface

Computer Graphics is one of the main keys to the graphics users’ interface. Computer graphics use to visual control items such as buttons, Menus, Mouse Scroll bar, Icons, etc. You can easily do desktop publishing works through computer graphics.

The attractive desktop and wallpaper that appear on your computer are due to graphics only. With the help of GUI, you can easy to access and control a computer.

10. Desktop Publication (DTP)

Nowadays, desktop publication all the works do through computer graphics. financial reports, Business offers, advertisement books, web-page, tickets business cards are some works of DTP, all the works made by computer graphics.

Desktop Publication

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