TOP 13 Applications of Optical Fiber in Different Fields

Applications of Optical Fiber | Application of Optical Fibre | Uses of Optical Fiber

Applications of Optical Fiber in Different Fields

Applications of Optical Fiber in real life

1. Internet:

Optical Fiber Cables transmit large amounts of data at a very high speed. Hence the technology is widely used in internet cables. As traditional compared to traditional copper wires, fiber optical cables are less bulky, lighter, more flexible, and carry more data.

Applications of Optical Fiber in Internet

2. Computer Networking

Networking between computers in the same building or in adjacent structures is made using optical cables easier and faster.Users can see a marked decrease in the time it takes to transfer files and information across networks.

3. Medical Applications

Optical cables are widely used in the fields of medicine and research. Optical communication is an important part of non-intrusive surgical methods, popularly known as endoscopy. Endoscopy looks inside the body without surgery.

In such applications, a minute, bright light is used to illuminate the surgery area within the body, making it possible to reduce the number and size of incisions made.

4. Bio-Medical Research

Fiber opticals are also used in microscopy and biomedical research.

5. Automotive Industry

Fiber optics cables play an important role in the lighting and security features of today’s automobiles. They are widely used in lighting both the interior and exterior of vehicles. Because of its ability to conserve space and provide better lighting.

Fiber Optics are used in more vehicles every day, also fiber optics cables can transmit signals between different parts of the vehicles at lighting speed. This makes them invaluable in the use of safety applications such as airbags and traction control.

6. Telephone

Making telephone calls within or outside the country has never been easier. With the use of fiber optics communication, you can connect faster and have clear conversations without any lag on either side.

7. Lighting and Decorations

The use of optical fiber in the field of decorative lighting has also increased over the years.. Fiber Optics cable provides an easy, economical and attractive solution to lighting projects.

8. Mechanical Inspections

Optical fiber cable is widely used in the inspection of inaccessible places. Some such applications are on-site inspection for engineers and pipe inspection for plumbers..

9. Cable Television

The use of fiber optical cables in the transmission of cable signals has grown explosively over the years.. These cables are ideal for transmitting high-definition television because they have greater bandwidth and speed.

Fiber Optics Cables are cheaper compared to the same quantity of copper wire.

10. MIlitary and Space Applications

With the high level of data security required in military and aerospace applications, fiber optics cables offer the ideal solutions for data transmissions in these areas.

11. Optical Sensor

An optical sensor converts light rays into electronic signals. It measures a physical quantity of light and then translates it into a form that can be read by instructions. Optical sensors are used for counting or positioning of parts contact-less detection, Optical sensors can be either internal or external.

12. Communication

In a communication system, optical fiber cables are majorly used in telecommunications for transmitting and receiving purposes. It is used in various networking areas and even increases the speed and accuracy of transmission data. Compare to copper wire, fiber optics cables are lither more flexible and carry more data.

13. CCTV

Optical fibers are used in CCTV surveillance cameras. If you want to install a CCTV camera, then you should always do it with fiber cables, it will last for a long time.

application of optical fiber in camera

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