Create and Configure DNS zones

In this blog, We will discuss about how to create and configure DNS zones.

Configure DNS Zones

What is DNS Zones?

Domain Name System (DNS) zone is a logical partitions DNS database via DNS can easily access and managed which administrative responsibility has been delegated to a single control.

In the DNS zone, data divided into a manageable set of data DNS zones. All DNS zone are organized in a hierarchical tree-like order of cascading lower-level domains, form the DNS namespace.

In other words, DNS data divided into manageable sets of data in a logical partition called the DNS zone. DNS Zone is a file of DNS that divided into multiple parts of delegation control.

The authority over each DNS zone is delegated to a legal entity or organization such as a country-code top-level domain registry or a company or individual registered to use a certain sub-domain within the system.

DNS zones may consist of only one domain, or of many domains and subdomains Depending on the administrative rights delegated to a certain entity.

If you want to know about DNS zones Click Here

What is DNS Server: Domain Name System

In here, We can configure DNS

Create and Configure Primary Zone Using DNS Manager

  1. Open Server Manager Dashboard and Click on Tool from Right Panel and Select DNS.
Dns Options in Tools

2. Select Lookup Zones, If you want to configure in forward Lookup Zones select Forward either Reverse Lookup Zones.

Right Click on Zones and Click on New Zone.

Click on New for primary Zone

3. Read Welcome screen about zone translate DNS names to related data-

Click on Next.

Click on Next

4. Select Primary Zone

and click on Next.

Select Primary Zone

5. If you want to create Zone for entire forest you select ” To all DNS server”.

If you want to create Zone for Domain Controller on this Domain then Select ” To all DNS server running on the domain controller on this Domain”

na Click on Next.

Replication Scope

6. Enter Zone Name and click on Next.

Domain Name

7. Dynamic Update is a feature of enabling DNS Client computer to register and dynamically update their resource records whenever changed and update on Primary Zone.

Idf you want to Update and update records automatically select “Allow Only Secure Update”.

Click on Next.

dynamic name

8. Now a received a conformation meassage for configrations of Zones.

Click on Finish.


Configure DNS zones type Secondary

For configure DNS zones type secondary you follow the following steps using DNS Manager-

9. Again you Follow step (1-3)

select Secondary Zone (If You want to Know about Secondary Click Here).

Click on Next.

Secondary zone

10. You have already know before previous blogs that Secondary zone is read copy of Primary Zone-

Select the DNS server that you want to copy the Zone and Click on


Type Ip Address of secondary zone

11. Now review your configure dns zones and click on Finish.

Secondary Zone Finish

Create and Configure Stub Zone Using DNS Manager

12. Again You follow above steps from 1-3.

Stub Zone

13. Select Active Directory Zone Replication scope and click on Next.

14. Typ here your Authorized namespace Domain name that you want to allow and Click on Next.

Domain Name

15. Specify the server name that you want to load for stub zone for querying the zone master server for SOA resource record and a glue a resource record.

Click on Next.

Configure Stub Zone in Windows

16. Review Your Configurations and Click on Finish.

How to Configure DNS zones using Powershell-

For Configure Primary DNS zone using Powershell, you follow following commands-

(Primary Zone)

Forward Lookup Zone

Add-DnsServerPrimaryZone -Name ZONE_NAME -ReplicationScope SCOPE -DynamicUpdate UPDATE_TYPE

Reverse Lookup Zone-

Add-DnsServerPrimaryZone -NetworkID NETWORK_ADDRESS -ReplicationScope SCOPE -DynamicUpdate UPDATE_TYPE

For configure, Secondary Zone Using PowerShell used Following Commands-

Add-DnsServerSecondaryZone -Name “ZONE_NAME” —ZoneFile “ZONE_FILENAME” -MasterServers “MASTER_IP”

For configure Stub Zone Using PowerShell used Following Commands-

Add-DnsServerStubZone -Name ZONE_NAME -MasterServers MASTER_IP -ReplicationScope SCOPE

Now your Concept has been cleared about Configure DNS zones. If you have any doubts and query please comments me.

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