What is DNS Server: Domain Name System

In this blog, we will discuss what is DNS server, DNS Structure, and DNS query.

What is DNS server

What is DNS Server

Domain Name System (DNS) is one of the important Servers on the network and Internet as well because Domain Server used for convert Internet Protocol (IP) address to Name resolutions or name resolutions to IP address.

For Example -IP address is the address of www.google.com, We without have to type Ip address instead of simply type of www.google.com, from the example you can say that DNS is a Phone book of the Internet.

Domain Name System (DNS) used UDP (User Datagram Protocol) port number 53 to communicate each other. DNS can be used in your Local Network or Internet without DNS you can not think about the Internet.

DNS server is the replacement of the Hosts.txt file for using hosts file you need to download the hosts’ file and manually update on systems. Hosts File is too difficult to manage after some limits.

If you want to know about how to edit Hosts File Click Here-

An FQDN ( Fully Qualified Domain Name) consists of Hostname and Domain name. In the DNS, the hostname is the IP address of the computer from the help of FQDN.

What is DNS server Structure?

Domain Name System (DNS) used a hierarchical or inverse tree structure to communicate with each other as distributed Format. Domain Name System starts from the Root Domain.

Dns Structure

Top level domain are following that currently use-

.COM – Used for commercial organizations. Must of the famous company used.COM domain. such as Amazon.com, Flipkart.Com, Woodlandworldwide.com

.EDU – Used for An educational establishment, such as a university college, Institute, etc.

.GOV – The .GOV domain used by a branch of government such as the Indian Government, US Government, etc.

.INT – The .int domain used by an international organization, such as NATO or the United Nations.

.MIL – The .mil domain Used by a branch of the military such as the Indian Military or U.S. military.

.NET – The .net domain used by a branch of network organization.

.ORG – The .ORG domain used by nonprofit organization such as wikipedia.

Country Code Domain– The country-code domain used by each and every country such as .in, .us, .uk, etc.

What is DNS Server and how it works?

From the above concepts, your concepts have been cleared about what is DNS Server, Now we are going to discuss about how it works-

Domain Name System (DNS) used to convert an IP address to Name resolutions and name resolutions to IP Address. Whenever you find any websites on the Internet, the DNS server works on the background and resolved and provides resolutions from the hosted server that available on the Server and communicate with each other.

What is DNS Query?

A DNS query is a query that sends by the DNS client to the DNS Server for name resolved or know about the IP address of the Server. DNS queries may be used for resolved IP Addresses.

There are three Types of DNS Query

  • Reverse Lookup Query – Reverse query used for IP address to name resolutions.
  • Recursive Query – Recursive Query used for the name to IP address resolutions. A recursive query generally made by the DNS client to the DNS server that configured to used to unresolved DNS query and forwarded to another DNS server.
  • Iterative Query– Iterative query also used for the name to IP address resolutions but Iterative query provides resolutions for unresolved Recursive query. what is DNS server

Types of DNS Server

Primary Server:

Primary DNS Server is main server of DNS server that store all the information of DNS Database. Each and every DNS Server Have primary Server that are used for All the changes, Authentications and synchronisations.

All the secondary server informations forwarded by Primary DNS server.

Secondary DNS Server

Secondary Domain server is sub domain of Primary Domain . Secondary server have also also have full information of primary server.

Mostly Secondary Server used for Load Balancing, Primary server Failure, it will be managed all the roles of Primary server.

Cache Only Server

Cache Only DNS server only provides information on any Domain. The cache server has not any authorizations works to make changes. Cache server provides a cache of the looked up name.

DNS answer Types

There are four types of DNS answer types-

  • Negative- If you are searching for any website that not exists called Negative answer.
  • Authoritative- when the server resolved the Answer from its own database that called Authoritative answer.
  • Non-Authoritative Answer– When the DNS server provides information from another DNS server that called a Non-Authoritative Answer.
  • Referral – When the DNS server forwards the answer to another server called Referral answer.

Now your concept has been cleared about what is DNS server. If you have doubts about what is DNS server please comments on us.

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