What is DNS record and Types?

In this blog, We will discuss What is DNS record and types of DNS records in briefs.

what is DNS RECORD

what is DNS record?

DNS record is a collection of information about DNS zones. DNS records collect information such as Database records, resource records, basic Data elements, etc.

In other words, the DNS record is a collection of basic elements, database records that save in zone files. In the DNS zone for configuring name, resolutions used that record called DNS record.

DNS record collects information on any website or Domain Such as Hosts Name, Server IP where store information, locations, hours, services offered, etc.

All domains are required to create some essentials records on the DNS server to communicate or access his Domain. DNS records are too helpful to create such information to access any websites.

DNS records may be different types for different purposes for name resolutions. For example- If you want to convert an IP address to name resolutions, forward one domain to another Domain, Direct email to an e-mail server, update text record, store name server, store admin information about domain admin, Domain name reverse lookup, and certification authority, etc available in DNS record.

What is DNS record Types

There are different types of DNS records but we are going to discuss some importance DNS records.

SOA Record

SOA record is called the Start of Authority record. SOA records are the first resource record of any Zone. Whenever you create a new zone you need to create an SOA record First then after creating another record.

In SOA record, You found information about such as-

  • Source of Host.
  • Contact Email information.
  • Serial Number.
  • Refresh, Retry, and Expire Time of any Hosts.
  • Minimum TTL (Time to Live)
  • Transfer Zone.
SOA record properties in server

NS Record

NS record is also called Name Server record. NS record indicates an authoritative name server for zones or Domain. Name server records can be used to break a domain into a subdomain.

The name server represents an IP address retrieve a result of a DNS query and may not represent actual in the server. what is DNS record

NS record

A or AAAA Record

A Record a Host record of Domain that used to Link Domain name to IP Address. You can not think about DNS without AAAA record because whenever you access any domain from name resolution you need to create AAAA records.

AAAA or A record is a too popular record in the DNS zone. A record used to communicate with IPv4 address whereas AAAA record used for communicating IPv6 TCP/IP address.

How to Create A Record in Sever 2019

  1. Open DNS Manager (dnsmgmt.msc).
  2. select Zone and right Click and select Ner Host.
A Record Options in server 2019

3. Types IP address and Domain Name.

TYpes information of Hosts

CNAME Record

Cname (Canonical) record is also called Alias name record. Cname record allow users to create alias name of DNS.

CNAME record used to custom URL via you can access your server from another name or alias name.

How to Create CNAME Record in Microsoft Server 2019

  1. Open DNS Manager (dnsmgmt.msc).
  2. select Zone and Right Click and select the CNAme record.
A Record Options in server 2019

3. Type Alias name and browse domain name or target Host.

Alias name in server 2019
what is dns record

MX Record

MX record also called mail exchanged records that used to configure your email direct server to Domain.

MX record is too important for fault tolerance via you can create multiple MX records that you can set priority and send the email from the lowest number to the highest priority.

How to Create MX record in Microsoft Windows Server 2019

  1. Open DNS Manager (dnsmgmt.msc).
  2. select Zone and Right Click and select the MX record.
Mx records Options

3. Type Host or Child Domain, Browse your mail server. If you want to set mail server priority from here you can set Priority.

MX records

PTR Record

PTR (Pointer) record is also called reverse DNS record that used for reverse an A Record.

The main advantage of this record is that you can map an IP address to Hostname. PTR record work in reverse Lookup Zone for troubleshooting and find out server.

How to Create PTR in Microsoft Windows Server 2019.

  1. Open DNS Manager (dnsmgmt.msc).
  2. select Reverse Zone and Right Click and select the PTR record.
PTR record Options

3. Type Host IP address and browse host name.

New PTR record
what is dns record

SRV Record

SRV record is also called a service record. For using DNS you need to create an SRV record for accessing some services. SRV records also used to identify the computer that hosts specific services.

Other New DNS records

  • AFS Database record – Used to indicate the location of either of the following standard server subtypes and also support RFC 1183.
  • ATM Address Record – Used to map DNS Domain to ATM.
  • Delegation Signer (DS) Record – used to create a trust relationship chained.
  • DHCID Record – Used to resolve the FQDN which may arise among DHCP Client and server.
  • DNS key Record – used for validating DNSSEC response.
  • DNAME Record – Used to indicated alternative or alias DNS.
  • ISDN Record – used to MAP DNS to ISDN which follows RFC 1183 standard.
  • Mail Group Record – used to adds Domain Mailbox, each specified by mailbox record in the current zone.
  • MB (Mail Box ) Record – used to maps mailbox name to hosts.
  • Mailbox Information (MINFO) record– Used to specifies a domain name to contact.
  • Next Domain (NXT) Record– used to indicate the nonexistence of a name in the zone by creating a chain of literal owner names in that zone.
  • Public Key Record – used for sign key.
  • Signature Record – used to bind time interval and the signers DNS Domain Name.
  • Text (TXT) Record – used to hold a string of characters that servers as associated with specific DNS.
  • Well Known Services (WKS)– Record provides TCP and UDP availability information for the TCP server.
  • X.25 Record record- Used to MAP DNS (Domain Name System) to PSDN (Public Switched Data Network).
  • Route Through (RT)– Used to binding Internal Hosts to their own WAN (Wide area Network Address).

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