3 Ways to Fix Could not Connect to AnyDesk Network (anynet_19)

By | August 21, 2022

Hey! Do you want to Fix Could not Connect to Anydesk Network, then follow this article.

Could not Connect to Anydesk Network

Anydesk is one of the best software for remote access in the world. It allows users to such features as a remote control, VPN functionality, and file transfer.

Anydesk’s first version was introduced in 2014 then AnyDesk has many more versions. The Current version of AnyDesk is 7.0.10 for the Windows Platform.

Anydesk provides one of the best Encryption and security features. Anydesk is available on different platforms such as Windows, macOS, FreeBSD, Raspberry Pi, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Several users encounter the error while opening the AnyDesk and then get errors such as Could not Connect to AnyDesk Network (anynet_19).

Root Cause of the Error Could not Connect to AnyDesk Network (anynet_19)?

There are several root causes of the error Could not Connect to AnyDesk Network (anynet_19). Some of the top are the followings-

  • If you try to connect with a different ID multiple times within a few minutes In that condition any desk blocks your Id.
  • Recently, there was the appearance of the AnyDesk scandal, due to which is not allowed in your office.
  • Date and Time Issue.

How to Fix Could not Connect to AnyDesk Network in Windows 10/11? Could not connect to AnyDesk network win32

1. Verify Your Time Zone

STEP#1. Navigate to Control Panel.

STEP#2. Click on Date and Time.

STEP#3. Click on Change Time Zone and set you to require Time Zone. Click on Ok and Exit.

Time Zone Settings in Windows 10

If the issue persists, continue to the Next Step-

2. Remove From Show Hidden Icon and relaunch

To remove AnyDesk from the background follow these easy steps-

STEP#1. Navigate to Right Side Panel on Task Manager, and click on it.

STEP#2. Right Click on AnyDesk and Quit.

exit from AnyDesk

Now Open AnyDesk, Hopefully, your issue has been resolved. If the issue persists, continue to the Next Step.

3. Create New Windows Profile

If your AnyDesk ID has been blocked due to unwanted activity done by your side. Then renew your AnyDesk IDs or create a New Profile on your Computer.

To create a new profile on Windows 11/10 follow these easy steps-

STEP#1. Navigate to Control Panel, and click on the User account.

STEP#2. Click on Manage another account.

Manage your account

STEP#3. Click on Add a new user in PC Settings.

STEP#4. If you want to create a Local account, Click on add someone else to this PC.

STEP#5. If you have an Outlook account then type your email id and password. If you do have not any Outlook ID then click on I don’t have this person’s sign-in information.

STEP#6. Click on Add a user without a Microsoft account.

STEP#7. Type a User name, password, and security questions and Click on next.

STEP#8. Now Login from your new profile and try to Open AnyDesk.

anyDesk Id

So, This is all about the “Could not Connect to Anydesk Network in Windows 11/10

We hope that you like this Article and helpful for fixing your issue. So We will request this article with the users having the same issue.

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9 thoughts on “3 Ways to Fix Could not Connect to AnyDesk Network (anynet_19)

  1. alfred

    Actually instead of creating a new user you can also uninstall Anydesk, delete folders in C:\ProgramData\AnyDesk and C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\AnyDesk and then reinstall. The error is cause by some corruption in the existing configuration. I suspect the one in roaming since it´s solved if you change user.

  2. Kaptan

    Tried all the above solutions but none worked.

    However, I found the solution for this error anynet_19 in my system.

    Reason: My Internet static IP has been blacklisted by Anydesk.
    When I switched my internet connection, it worked. I have to reach out to my interest service provider to change my static IP.

    1. Colonel

      Thanks Kaptan for the solution.
      I have tried all above but it didn’t help.

      I talked to my internet service center and the changed my dynamic IP.
      After that it worked wonderful.

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