Difference between LAN and WAN

By | July 13, 2020

In this bog, We will discuss in detail what is the difference between LAN and WAN.

Difference between LAN and WAN

What is a LAN(Local Area Network)?

A local area network (LAN) is a collection of such devices like Computers, Printers, Switches, Routers, etc, that a connected together in one physical location, such as a building, office, or selected area. A LAN can be a small or range depending on your requirements. If you are using at home it can be one to two users. If you are using LAN such a school, College, Offices Quarters it can be thousand and above users.

Local Area Network is the key point of Networking that allows the user to connected his resources like Firewall, Switches, Router, etc connected to internal Server. In the Local Area Network, you can share your resources like Printer, Storage, Local Web services, etc.

Local Area Network

Local Area Network allows computer System Administrator to multiple functions For example, in an office with multiple departments, such as accounting, IT, Human Resources, Sales Department, Marketing and administration, each department’s computers could be logically connected to the same switch but the help of VLAN to behave as if they are separate.

Local Area Network is allowed to given benefits of resource sharing such, high reliability, cost benefits, and scalability.

For example, In your office group of devices connected together from the help on Local Area Network, you can access the Internet on all the devices from a single connection of the Internet, likewise Printers, File servers, etc. accessed and controlled by one other.

What is a WAN(Wide Area Network)

A Wide Area Network is also known as WAN. WAN is a large network of connections of multiple resources or devices that can be accessed from single points of the location. WANs can allow facilitating communication, the sharing of information, resources, and much more between devices from around the world through a WAN provider.

Wide Area Network

Wide Area Network provides no limit to the distance you can get access to information from any location. In most WANs, You can access your network consists of two distinct components circuits or channels or links and switching and routing devices (switches & routers). Transmission-lines are used for moving data between machines, whereas routers are used to connect two or more transmission lines.

From the help of the Wide Area Network, users can access resources for long-distance transmission of data, voice, image, and video information over large geographical areas that may comprise a country, a continent, or even the whole world.

The main purpose for Wide Area Network As organizations grow and become international Plateform, WANs allow them to communicate between branches, share information, and stay connected. When employees travel for work, WANs allow them to access their information or networks from any locations of the world via VPN with the help of the Internet or satellite.

However, WANs also provide an essential service to the public. For example, you can access your bank accounts details from any brach of locations. Students can access their research information from anywhere.

What is the difference between LAN and WAN

The Main difference between LAN and and WAN are following :-

1Stands For Local Area Network.Stands ForStands for Wide Area Network.
2LAN Range Up-to 10 KM.RangeWAN Range Up-to Globally.
3LAN Speed is quite high because it’s cover offices, Building, or Connected Locally.SpeedWAN Speed is Quite Low because it’s over different branches connected Remotely.
4Easy to Setup rather than WAN.SetupDifficult to Setup rather than LAN.
5LAN has Low congestion because it’s used some in range.CongestionWAN has High Congestion because it’s used globally.
6The Implementation and designing of LAN is easy and less costly rather than WANMaintenanceThe Implementation and designing of WAN is Costly rather than WAN
7LAN Supports Layer 2 Devices like switch, Hub, Bridge, etc.ComponentsWAN Supports Layer 3 Devices like Router, Multilayer Switches, etc.
8LAN fault tolerance is high rather than WAN.Fault ToleranceWAN fault tolerance is low rather than LAN.
9Any Office Building or Showroom.ExampleDifferent Branch of Banks.

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