2 ways to change my Gmail password

If you are Using Gmail account and want to change my Gmail password then don’t worry because this article we will know change password on Desktop or Mobile.

Change my Gmail Password

In Digital World, a Password is too important for any account. For Security Purposes, you should change your password at regular intervals. If you are using Gmail, Internet Banking, Facebook, Hotmail any digital Sign in Platform then you should change your password at some intervals.

In this Article we will change Password of Gmail Account on Desktop or Mobile platform such as Android.

How to Change my Gmail Password on Desktop?

To change my Gmail Password follow these steps-

  1. Sign in with Gmail Accounts.
  2. Click on the Settings Icon on the Right side Top.
  3. Click on see all Settings.
  4. Click on the Account and Import Tab.
  5. Click on Change Password.
  6. Type Current Sign in Password and press Enter.
  7. Type New Password, confirm the password, and click on Change Password.

Video Tutorial Change my Gmail Password on Desktop:

How to Change my Gmail Password on Android?

To change Password on Gmail password using Android Phone follow these steps-

  1. Navigate to Mobile Settings and Click on Google.
  2. Click on Manage your Google Account.

3. Select Personal Info Tab and Click on Password.

4. Type Current Password and Click on Next.

5. Type new password, Confirm password and Click on Change Password.


Change Password on Gmail from android phone

FAQ: How to Change my Gmail Password

  1. How to change Gmail Password?

Ans. To change Password Read Above articles.

2. Can I change Gmail password on phone?

Ans. Yes, You can change the password on phone. To change your password on the phone read the above article and follow the steps.

3. What is minimum password length required on set Gmail Password?

Ans. It will be a minimum of eight characters required on set Gmail Password.

4. Is Password change on Regular Time Good or Bad?

Ans. If you are changing your password is on a regular interval. It’s good for security purposes.

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