5 Ways to Fix “DHCP is not Enabled for Ethernet ” on Windows 11/10?

By | November 24, 2021

In this article, we will know several ways to fix DHCP is not Enabled for Ethernet ” on Windows 11/10/8. To fix “DHCP is not Enabled for Ethernet” follow these articles.

DHCP is not Enabled for Ethernet

A DHCP (Dynamic Host Control Protocol) Server is used to automatically assign the IP address to the network. DHCP is used everywhere whether it is home or office, a DHCP server is used everywhere.

If you access the Internet at your home through Wifi, then the IP assigned to your device is also done through DHCP. Similarly, large organizations also use DHCP Server.

To know in detail about DHCP click on the below links

If there is a problem in assigning DHCP IP to your system, then it shows an error like the picture given below. Ethernet Unidentified network.

unidentified network

When you try to diagnose Ethernet Unidentified network then an error occurs DHCP is not Enabled for Ethernet.

DHCP is not Enabled for Ethernet error

What root causes the error message ‘DHCP is not enabled for Ethernet’?

There are several reasons for DHCP is not enabled for Ethernet error but some of the top reasons may be the following-

  • IP Configuration issue.
  • LAN adaptor hang or Outdated Driver.
  • Router Issue,etc.

Let us now address the problem keeping in mind the root cause given above. You must be logged in administrator or administrator rights before solving this problem.

How to Fix DHCP is not Enabled for Ethernet on Windows?

To Fix DHCP is not Enabled for Ethernet on Windows environment follow these easy Steps-

1. Disable/Enable Ethernet Adaptor

This is the easiest method it may be your LAN adaptor will be hanged. To disable/Enable Ethernet adaptor follow these easy steps-

STEP#1. Navigate to Run, type (ncpa.cpl), and hit Enter.

STEP#2. Right-Click on the Ethernet adaptor and click on Disable.

disable local Area Network

STEP#3. To enable the Ethernet adaptor, RIght click on the Ethernet adaptor and click on enable.

enable Ethernet adaptor

Wait for a few seconds and check the status if the status is showing connected then means your problem is solved. If still Ethernet Unidentified network showing then should follow Method-2.

2. Verify Your IP address (Static or Dynamic)

Click here to know about Static or Dynamic IP addresses in details

If you have created your IP pool on DHCP then your IP address obtained will automatically. To verify your IP address follow the steps-

STEP#1. Navigate to Run, and type ncpa.cpl.

STEP#2. Right, Click on Ethernet and select properties.

Network properties

STEP#3. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4), and click on Properties.

STEP#4. If you are using a DHCP server then you need to select the following options-

  • Obtain an IP address automatically.
  • Obtain DNS server address automatically.
Ethernet Properties

STEP#5. Click on Ok.

3. Restart DHCP Client Service

DHCP Client Service plays a vital role in assigning an IP address to Networking devices. Your DHCP service will be on the”running” status. If your DHCP client service is stopped then your computer will be not received DHCP IP address and DNS updates.

To Verify your DHCP Client Service (Running or Disable) follow these easy steps-

STEP#1. Navigate to Run, type (services.msc), and hit enter.

STEP#2. Navigate to DHCP client, Right Click on DHCP client, and click on restart.

restart DHCP client Services

STEP#3. Close the Computer Services and restart your computer.

4. Release and Renew Your IP Address

If your Ethernet adaptor is showing an Unidentified network and when trying to diagnose it coming error message like “DHCP is not Enabled for Ethernet”. An IP address problem can be the biggest reason for this error message.

if your computer is not able to obtain the IP address from the DHCP pool, then once try to release that IP address and renew the IP address. To release and renew an IP address follow these easy steps-

STEP#1. Navigate to Start and search CMD.

STEP#2. Run CMD as administrator.

run CMD as administrator

STEP#4. To release and renew the IP address follow the below command one by one.



IP release and renew

Hopefully, your Problem “DHCP is not Enabled for Ethernet” has been resolved. If not resolved then follow Method-5.

5. Verify Your Router IP address Pool or Restart Your Router

If you are using wifi in the home network and your laptop is connected to a LAN port. You should once Verify your IP pool once. Somewhere the IP pool is full. To verify your IP pool follow these steps-

Note:- You can only do this process if any device is connected to that Network. If connected then follow these steps-

STEP#1. Navigate to the browser and type the IP address of your IP address.

STEP#2. Click on the LAN settings if the IP pool is less than current active users then the range should be increased.

IP pool verify

STEP#3. After the update, the IP pool restarts your modem.

So, This is all about the “DHCP is not Enabled for Ethernet”. If still, your issue is persisted then can also try the below steps-

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