Just 7 Steps to Format Pen Drive Using CMD

Hey! Do you want to format Pen Drive Using CMD, then should read this article?

Format Pen Drive Using CMD

If you are not able to format a Pen drive as normally as using My Computer, Using Disk management, then CMD is one of the best ways via you can easily format your Pen Drive. You need administrator rights on your profile to perform format tasks using CMD.

How to Format Pen Drive Using CMD in Windows 11?

To Format, a Pen Drive on Windows 7/8/10/11 follow these easy steps-

STEP#1. Navigate to Windows Buttons and search CMD.

STEP#2. Run as administrator.

run CMD as administrator

STEP#3. Type diskpart, and press enter.

STEP#4. Type list volume, and press enter.

STEP#5. Now you select the external Disk Using select volume press Enter.

STEP#6 .Now type format fs=ntfs or fat32 quick.


STEP#7. Now type assign, and hit enter to assign drive to your device.

From the bove of steps, yo can easily format your Pen drive.Hopefully, you can formatted your pen drive. If the issue persists, then comments us, we will suggest through comments.

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