How can you protect your home Computer? [6 TIPS]

Hey! Do you want to know – How can you protect your home Computer, Then follow this article.

How can you protect your home Computer

Why should you keep your computer secure?

If you have a personal computer that you use for your work then you should keep your computer data safe. If your computer is safe then your data will also be safe. So keep your computer safe and secure.

If your computer is not secure then hackers can steal your personal information and banking information. If your data is stolen then you may have to suffer huge losses, So keep your computer safe and secure.

1. Install Antivirus on Your Computer

Whenever you buy a new computer and format it, you first should install a good antivirus on it and scan it. By the way, if you are using Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11, and above, you can also scan your computer to some extent through Windows Defender.

You can buy good antivirus software online or offline. You will have to pay for the antivirus software based on the number of years it is used. Bitdefender Internet Security, Norton 360 Deluxe, Surfshark One, McAfee, Kaspersky, Avira, and Quick Heal are some popular antiviruses.

To Scan any drive and Folder from any Antivirus. Follow these simple steps-

STEP#1. Navigate to the Folder or drive that want to scan.

STEP#2. Right-click on it and Select scan.

2. Windows Firewall must be enabled

Windows Firewall protects your computer from external attacks, so your Windows firewall should always be on so that your computer data remains secure. Follow the procedure given below to check whether your computer’s Windows firewall is on or off.

STEP#1. Navigate to the Control Panel.

STEP#2. Click on Windows Defender Firewall.

Windows defender  Firewall On

If your computer’s Windows firewall is on, then it is fine. If it is not on, then turn it on so that your data remains safe.

3. OS and Software Must be up to date

To protect your computer, you should keep your operating system updated and if you are using any software like browser, tally, Above, or any other software, it should be up to date.

To check whether your OS is up to date or not, follow the process given below. If there is any pending update, then install it.

STEP#1. Navigate to Windows Settings.

STEP#2. Click on Update & Settings.

STEP#3. Click on Check for updates. If any updates are pending then should be updated.

check for windows update

4. Password should be strong and protected

Whenever you choose a password it should always be a strong and protected password. To choose a protected and strong password your password should be a combination of numbers upper and lower characters and special characters and the password should have at least 8 digit characters.

5. Do not click on any unknown link

Nowadays hackers keep sending unwanted links in tempting emails through email. As soon as you use the link per click, your file folder gets locked and when you try to open it, your money is demanded.

If you are asked to click on any tempting link through any medium like email or social media platform, then do not click on it. Clicking on that link can lead to your computer getting hacked.

Whenever a festival comes, people send tempting messages of discounts through email and social media platforms. If you share your information on the computer through this message.

6. Avoid accessing Non-SSL websites

if you surf the internet, always keep in mind that the website you are accessing should be secure. if you surf the Internet, keep in mind that whenever you have to see an ad, you should always click on a secure ad. Do not click on misleading ads as this can leak your information.

Conclusion: How can you protect your home Computer

If in Your mind questions that – How can you protect your home Computer. Then should follow all the above steps. Install Antivirus on Your Computer, Windows Firewall must be enabled OS and Software Must be up to date, and the Password should be strong and protected not click on any unknown link, Avoid accessing Non-SSL websites.

Apart from this, you should change your computer password at some intervals. If your password is saved in Google accounts that’s also will change at some time intervals.

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