How to Change TP-LINK Wi-Fi Password?

Hey! are you using a TP-Link router and want to change the TP-LINK Wi-Fi password then this article is best for you.

How to Change TP-LINK WI-FI Password

If you use Wi-Fi in your home or office then you should keep your changing password at some time intervals. Whatever password you choose, it should be a combination of numbers, alphabetic characters,s and special symbolic. Whenever you chose a password, it must be at eight characters.

How to Change Change TP-link WI-FI Password in laptop?

Table of Contents

  1. Navigate to browser and type or on address bar.
  2. Enter Default User name and password : admin.
  3. Navigate to Wireless and select Wireless Security.
  4. Navigate to WPA/WPA2- Personal(Recommended) and in the Wireless password enter the password.
  5. Click of save.
password change Tplink wifi

Video Tutorial: Change TP-LINK Wi-Fi Password?

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