How to install HP 1020 plus printer in Windows, Ubuntu, and MAC

In this article, We will know about how to install HP 1020 plus printer in Windows, Ubuntu and MAC.

how to install HP 1020 plus printer

HP 1020 Plus printer is one of the best laser printers of HP. HP 1020 Plus is purchasing Online or Offline. The current price of HP 1020 plus printer is between Rupees 12000 to 13025 on the 1 year of warranty from date of purchasing.

HP 1020 Plus printer specification:

HP 1020 Plus specification is followings-

  • Printing Speed– If you are using HP 1020 Plus printer then can print 14 (A4) and 15(Letter) on PPM(Print Per Minutes).
  • Tray Capacity– you can put up to 150 paper sheets on the main input tray.
  • RAM – HP 1020 Plus has 2 MB of RAM.
  • Cartridge name– HP 1020 Plus cartridge name is 12A.
  • Per Cartridge Capacity– HP 1020 Plus can Print up to 2000 pages on a single refiling.
  • Print Document support- if you are using HP 1020 printer can print such as documents type watermarks, booklets, Multiple pages per sheets, on the first pages on different media then the rest of the documents.
  • Communication Port– HP 1020 plus supports USB 2.0 high speed to communicate with a computer.
  • Priority Feed support– You should use the priority feed slot when feeding one sheet of paper, envelope, postcard, label. You can also use the priority feed slot to print the first page on different media than the rest of the document.

How to Connect HP 1020 Plus printer to Computer?

  1. Plug the Power cable and USB cable into the printer.
  2. Plug other end cables to the computer when asking for the installation driver of the printer.

after connecting HP 1020 plus printer to the computer then follow steps to install HP 1020 plus driver on Windows, Ubuntu, and MAC.

How to download and install HP 1020 plus printer drivers on Windows?

To download and install HP 1020 plus printer driver on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 follow these easy steps-

  1. If you have CD/DVD then inserts on DVD-WR.
  2. If you have not a driver CD then visit the HP website and download the drivers.
  3. Click here to Directly Visit the HP website and Download Drivers.
  4. Click on Download.
Download HP drivers for windows

5. After download drivers, Double Click on Download Files.

6. On the Windows allow Authentication screen click on Yes.

7. It will be automatic extracting the files wait for Next screen.

8. Click on Install (select Install to being installing your new HP device).

Install of HP 1020 plus drivers

9. Accept terms and Licence agreement and click on Next.

terms and conditions licence agreements

10. Now power on the Printer or connect USB cable to CPU.

connect your device

11. If you want Test Print then select otherwise click on Finish.

How to install an HP printer on Ubuntu?

To install HP 1020 plus printer drivers on Ubuntu Follow these steps-

Note:- from the below steps you can access maximum of HP printers and scanner.

  1. Navigate to Terminal.
  2. Type sudo apt-get update and password.
Hp1020 plus printer install on ubuntu

3. After Reading Package list type following command and press enter.

sudo apt-get install hplip-gui

install HP drivers and scanner on ubuntu

4. Navigate to search and type HP.

5. Click on setup the printer.

setup device ubuntu

6. select connection I/O type and click on Next.

connected  ubuntu port

7. Finish.

How to install HP 1020 plus printer on MAC?

To install install HP 1020 plus printer on MAC follow these easy steps-

  1. Connect your Printer to MAC.
  2. Navigate to a browser.
  3. Type\setup on the address bar.
HP printer configure on MAC

4. Click on Download to download the software.

Download HP Printer drivers

5. Click on HP easy start setup and Open.

6. Accepts Terms and conditions and click on coutinue.

terms and conditions

7. Select your printer and click on continue.

8. select continue with USB connection click on continue.

9. Type printer located ZIP code and click on continue.

10. Click on install.

Click on install

11. Enter your password and click on OK.

12. After Install click on continue.

13. Status and alert screen click on continue.

14. Click on Finish.

Finish installations

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