How to Fix Analog input cannot Display this Video Mode

By | October 3, 2020

This is a common problem of computer, In this blog, We will discuss and fix the issue “Analog input cannot Display this Video Mode”.

Cannot display this video Mode

If you are getting this error such as Analog Input Cannot Display This Video Mode optimized resolutions don’t worry because in this article we are going to resolve this issue from several methods.

What is root cause of cannot Display this Video Mode?

There are several root cause of analog input cannot display this video mode issue it may be such as Hardware or Software.

Hardware Failure:

  • Check VGA cable both ends, should be connected properly.
  • Change VGA Cable.
  • LCD resolutions not support that Range.
  • it Maybe a System issue in Booting if not able to power On the computer then discussed with the Technician may be faulty of HDD or Motherboard.

If your computer is power on properly but you are getting “cannot display this video mode'” error then try to resolve the issue from OS or software sections.

Software Issue:

  • You may be set large resolutions of Display Settings.
  • Driver failure or Update.
  • Operating Systems Crash.

How to Fix analog input cannot display this video mode on windows 10 /8/7?

For fix Analog Input cannot Display this Video mode on Windows 10, 8. 7. You should follow following ways to solve the issue.

1. Boot Safe Mode using enable Low Resolutions Video

Safe mode is one of the best tools for a computer operating system. In Windows, the safe mode allows users to essential system programs, application software, and services to start up at boot.

The main intended for booting in a safe mode such as data backup removed malicious software and programs. The purpose of Safe Mode is to allow, the user to troubleshoot Windows and try to solve the problem and do it correctly. Once you have corrected the problem, then you can reboot and Windows will start normally.

In Microsoft environment is accessing by press F8 key as operating system boots and multiple operating system environments, First select operating system then after press F8. In Windows 10 press Ctrl+F8 key for safe mode. Safe mode starts basic mode and accessing of some limited set of programs and drivers.

1. Power on your computer, then hold the power switch for about 5-6 seconds. You need to be done twice after you see preparing an automatic repairing screen.

safe mode login for solving cannot display the video

.Next Screen you can see (Windows to diagnosing your PC).

cannot display this video mode

3. Click on Startup Settings in Advanced Options.

cannot display this video mode advanced option of safemode

4. Click on Restart.

Restart setting for safe mode

5. Press 3 or F3 for booting enable Low Resolution Video.

safe-mode Login Screen

You do not forgot to Read How to Boot safe mode from three way

How to Change Screen resolutions on Windows 10?

6. Once your computer has started. Then Right Click on Desktop then click on Display Settings.

Display Settings

7. Then select Screen resolution and Click on Keep changes.

Screen resolution in Windows 10

8. Restart Your Computer.

2. Restore Windows using Factory reset

Windows restore point is also useful for solve the issue “cannot display this video mode”.

Click Here for Know about How to factory reset Windows


Hopefully from the above steps, you can resolve the issue “cannot display this video mode”. If you have any doubts and query please comments us.

Thanks For Reading, Have a Nice Day.

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  2. michael thumbi ndegwa

    i solved the issue in simple steps… take the extended monitor and make it the main display and customize it to the required resolution which is 1280*1024 or other …. this will help with the issue


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