Microphone Not Working on Android? Here’s How to Fix It

Hey! If your Microphone not working on Android. To fix the Microphone issue follow this article-

Microphone Not Working on Android Here’s How to Fix It

How To fix the Microphone not working on Android ?

1. Adjust Noise Cancellation Settings

Many Android devices come equipped with noise suppression features that can sometimes degrade the quality of microphone input. To ensure your microphone is functioning optimally follow these easy steps-

STEP#1. Navigate to your device’s “Settings,”.

STEP#2. Then Tap on “Call settings” or “Sound settings,” and locate the “Noise Reduction” or “Noise Suppression” option. Disabling this feature may improve the clarity of your microphone.

 STEP#3. After adjusting these settings, it’s advisable to restart your phone to implement the changes effectively.

2. Disconnect Other Devices and Check

If your Android is connected to another device, it can also create an issue.

  • Check your Bluetooth settings to ensure no other devices, such as headphones or external microphones, are connected and selected as the primary audio input source.
  • Disconnecting these devices can help restore your phone’s microphone functionality.
  • Additionally, verify that the microphone settings are correctly configured to prioritize the built-in microphone over any external devices.

3. Use Appropriate Cleaning Tools

If you want to effectively clean the microphone, you can use a toothpick to gently remove any debris from the microphone hole. It is crucial to insert the toothpick carefully and not push it too far to avoid damage. A

For a more thorough cleaning, compressed air can be a valuable tool. However, it should not be blown directly into the microphone hole. Instead, aim the compressed air from a distance of about 50cm, targeting the area around the microphone at an angle parallel to the phone.

4. Boot Your Phone into Safe Mode

To boot your phone in safe mode it depends on your device, you can enter Safe Mode by either holding the Power off option until you’re prompted to reboot to Safe Mode or by using a button combination like holding the volume down and power button simultaneously during startup.

Test the Microphone: Once in Safe Mode, all third-party apps will be disabled. Test your microphone by making a call or using a recording app. If the microphone functions correctly in Safe Mode, this indicates that one or more third-party apps might be interfering with your microphone.

    Identify and Remove Problematic Apps: If the microphone works in Safe Mode, start by deleting recently installed apps or those you suspect are causing issues. Reboot your device normally and check the microphone functionality.

      5. Manage the Application’s Microphone Permissions

      Review App Permissions:

      Navigate to Settings > Apps & notifications > Advanced > Permission Manager> Microphone.

      This path allows you to see which apps have permission to use your microphone. For Samsung devices, the path might slightly differ.

      Adjust Permissions:

      You can adjust each app’s microphone permissions to ‘Allow only while using the app’ or ‘Deny’ to prevent apps from accessing the microphone in the background. This is crucial for apps that do not require microphone access for their primary functionality.


      Throughout this discussion, we have journeyed through a series of practical steps aimed at resolving microphone issues on Android devices, emphasizing the significance of regular maintenance and keen observation of software settings.

      By reviewing sound settings, cleaning the microphone, and managing third-party app interferences, users are equipped with comprehensive strategies to enhance their device’s functionality.

      FAQs: Microphone Not Working on Android

      1. How can I resolve microphone issues on my Android device? 

      Ans. To fix microphone problems on your Android, start by ensuring your microphone or headset is properly connected. Check if the device is set as the default system recording device and make sure any mute functions are deactivated.

      2. What should I do if my microphone stops working all of a sudden? 

      Ans. If your microphone suddenly stops working, follow these steps:

      • Ensure the mute button on your headset is not activated.
      • Check that your microphone or headset is correctly connected to your device.
      • Confirm that your microphone or headset is set as the default recording device in your system settings.

      3. How can I activate my microphone on an Android phone? 

      Ans. To turn on the microphone on your Android device, follow these instructions:

      • Open the Settings app.
      • Navigate to “Security & Privacy” or just “Privacy” depending on your device.
      • Go to “Privacy > Permission manager,” or on some phones, tap “App permissions.”
      • Select “Microphone.”
      • Choose an app from the list and set it to “Allow only while using the app.”

      4. How do I reset the microphone on my phone? 

      Ans. To reset your phone’s microphone, perform the following:

      • Ensure global microphone access is enabled and that you are not muted.
      • Clean the microphone grille to remove any obstructions, and check that it isn’t blocked by your phone case.
      • Verify microphone permissions for each app individually.
      • Close any applications that might be using the microphone concurrently.
      • Look for any available updates for Android or your apps.
      • Restart your phone to refresh settings and resolve any temporary issues

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