3 Ways to “Remove Shortcut Virus From Pendrive/ Computer”

By | November 5, 2021

Hey! do you want to know how to remove shortcut virus from Pendrive then should read this article. We will tell you how to remove shortcut viruses from Pendrive.

Remove Shortcut Virus From Pendrive

What is Computer Shortcut Virus?

A shortcut virus is one of the types of Trojan and ward combination of viruses that hides the files of your files, folders, video audios and converts them into shortcuts. The shortcut that is there also gives the same look as the original.

Shortcut virus is one of the types of script that run automatically on your storage device that makes shortcuts to all the folders and hidden main files of your device. A shortcut Virus mainly affected your external drive which is used to transfer data from one system to another such as Pendrive, USB, External Hardrive, etc.

How to protect a Pendrive/computer from shortcut viruses?

To Protect your Pendrive/Computer from shortcut viruses follow this basic process

  • Whenever you put any external drive in the computer, it should be scanned with antivirus.
  • Don’t Click on unwanted link that received from haters.
  • Keep Your computer upto date.

Many users noticed that while inserting Pendrive on a Laptop or computer it’s showing shortcuts to all the folders and files. If your data shows a shortcut, then it is very difficult for the user.

If your data has been converted on a shortcut then don’t worry because we will know how to Remove Shortcut Virus From Pendrive permanently without losing data.

How to Remove Shortcut Virus From Pendrive/USB Drive/SD Card?

To remove shortcut virus from Pendrive follow these easy steps-

1. Remove shortcut virus from pendrive using cmd

You can easily remove the shortcut virus from Pendrive using CMD without loss of data. To remove shortcut virus from Pendrive follow these easy steps-

How to remove shortcut Virus from Pendrive without losing data?

To How to remove shortcut Virus from Pendrive without losing data follow these easy steps-

Note:- Pleas run command carefully, Because your small mistake can cause your data loss.

STEP#1. Navigate to Start and search CMD.

STEP#2. Right-click on CMD and run as administrator.

STEP#3. Type your Pen Drive letter using colon (:) and press enter.

Example – E: (Drive letter of your Pendrive, SC card, hard drive).

STEP#4. Type del autorun.inf or del *.lnk and press enter.

STEP#5. Type attrib -h – r -s /s /d E:*.* and press enter.

Note:- From the above command you can only delete only the .inf extension virus. To delete another extension type of virus changes the extension type such as .exe etc.

2. Delete Suspicious Keys Using Registy

Many users have found that right now he has recovered his Pendrive but when he inserts Pendrive again the same error is coming. If you are getting this type of error might be your computer is infected with malware. You should delete suspicious keys using the windows registry.

How to remove shortcut virus from Computer permanently?

Disclaimer :Changing of Registry are not recommded by Microsoft, but it is required in times when we encounter such issue. If you are dong chnages on registry to make sure to do carefully.

To delete suspicious Keys follow these easy steps-

STEP#1. Navigate to Run, type regedit, and press enter.

STEP#2. Navigate to the following path –


How to Remove Shortcut Virus From Pendrive

STEP#3.  Find out the suspicious keys like WXXKYzodwcamszasOUzzckkyZGFYszaas and delete them.

delete suspicious objects

STEP#4. Exit from the registry and restart your computer.

3.Other Solutions

You can also try malware removal software that can easily remove the virus from your devices. It might be a chance of losing the date. If you want to format the Pendrive then read the below article.

How to Format Pen Drive on Windows 11/10/8/7?

So, This is all about the “Remove Shortcut Virus From Pendrive”. Please comment on this article. if you have any doubts and queries please Comments to us.

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