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TOP 11+ Uses of Computer in School

There is a contribution of computers in the rapid development of the world is appreciated. The invention of the computer has made progress in the field of science and technology.

The computer is being used in almost every field such as education, business, pharmacy, military, research & development, banking sector, media communication, criminal identification, law enforcement, entertainment, etc.

Before this, computers were used in the research and development sector. But today, the computer is used everywhere in the present. Thus, the contribution of computers is also important in school.

Uses of Computer in School & College

1. Teaching

Today, smart boards are being used in schools instead of blackboards. Through Smartboard, students can easily see any topic and know it. Earlier, a blackboard was used, due to which there was a problem in seeing the last sitting students.

A Smartboard is also called a digital board Which is being used in today’s modern school. Smartboard is used by connecting it through computer and projector. A Smartboard works on the basis of the input and output process.

Digital Board Use of Computer in School

On which student and teacher, video, photo or text of an object are explained very easily and it helps to show, understand and explain in a clean and beautiful manner.

2. Sending Reports and Circular to Students

Today, reports and circulars are sent to the student through the computer. Earlier, parents need to visit a school for collecting students’ reports and circulars. In the Corona pandemic, all these types of activity are easily going through a computer.

3. Preparing the Result and Publish

A computer plays a vital role in preparing the result. If you have given an online exam then you get your result in a few hours or a few days. It is easy for the school to publish the result through the computer.

find result uses of computer

Before this, if you have got your final year result then you could see it through a newspaper. Today, as soon as the board has uploaded your result, you are able to see your result in a few seconds. School also gets ease in result preparation through a computer.

4. Keeping Record of Students

There are huge contributions of computers to keeping any record. Earlier, Hard files were used, which took time to maintain records. Today, the student’s record gets updated in a few minutes through the computer.

Student Detail Uses of Computer in School

A Computer helps in maintaining the records of a Student. You can find the details of the Student profile with a single click. You have maintained the record of Student as the below categories-

Student Name: Jolly

Roll Number: 3454

Class: 10th

Father Name: Lulu Lal

Mothe Name: Soniya

Contact Number : +9189xxxxxx56

Address Details:- Paduli Siwan Pachrukhi Bihar 841233

5. Maintaining Records of Books in Library

In the age of computers, Library Incharge can easily maintain the record of Books and also find out the current status of books. Earlier, all the book’s status, current stocks, etc was going through a hard file which was difficult to maintain the records for Library Incahrge.

TOP 11+ Uses of Computer in School (1)

A Computer helps in maintaining the records of a library. You can find the details of the books with a single click. You have maintained the record of Library as the below categories-

Member Type: Student

Name, address, Contact Number :

Book Name, Book ID, Issue Book Date, Days on Loans, Late Return Fine, Selling Price, etc.

6. Easy to Make any Documents

Students can easily create any documents through the computer so that they will not need a hard copy. Microsoft office is one of the best software for students to create all the documents such as resumes, notes, presentations, etc.

Similarly, all the people associated with the education system can easily make documents according to them through the computer. The contribution of computers to the education system in the Corona era cannot be forgotten.

 7. Easy for Distance Learning

A computer plays a vital role in distance learning. You can do all the work through the computer from home. The contribution of computers to distance learning is as follows-

  • Students can easily find online distance learning colleges and apply for admission.
  • Easy to download prospectus and study material.
  • University can easily issue notification through computer.
  • Students can check online fee submission, results, previous year questions, etc.

8. Online Video on different Subject

If you are studying any other subject and are interested in any other subject then you can easily read different subjects online. There are many platform forms online where you can easily join classes or watch them directly. You can look for online classes on Google Classes, YouTube, etc.

9. Innovative Technology in Learning

Innovative technology is used in the education system so that students can easily understand any topic. The innovative technology uses games or a student’s interest topic via student can easily understand any topic in a fun way.


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