Top 6 Uses of Mainframe Computer in Various Fileds

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uses of mainframe computer
Uses of Mainframe Computer

A Mainframe computer-processed data at a very high speed which is measured in millions of instructions per second. They are very expensive computers. Mainframe computers are designed for multiple users and process a vast amount of data quickly.

Bank, Insurance companies, manufacturers, mail-order companies, and airlines are some typical users. mainframe computers are often used as servers that control the network of various computers for large companies.

Mainframe computer has a big contribution in whatever work is being done in our daily life. Like online shopping, online ticket booking, fast internet browsing, internet banking, etc. The mainframe computer contributes to running all these smoothly.

Uses of Mainframe Computer in our Daily Life-

A mainframe computer is used in many fields, let us know the top 10 fields which are related to our daily life.

1. Uses of Mainframe computer in education Sector

In the Corona epidemic, people from all over the world emphasized online education, whether it was YouTube or any online education platform, students easily did their online classes without any interruption.

uses of computer in education sector

You would be surprised how it was possible All this was possible due to the mainframe computer because the mainframe computer can solve multiple requests simultaneously.

Higher education is one of the largest industries in any country. As a result, they need to track a lot of people, from employees to professors to students. All this became possible because of the mainframe computer only. Because teachers upload their topics and thousands of students can access them simultaneously.

2. Uses of Mainframe computer in Bank

 The Mainframe computer is facilitating the bank work in a tremendous way by performing complex computations, which sometimes seem impossible for other types of computer. A mainframe computer is used a lot in our daily life. However, no one takes advantage of technology more than the banking sector.

uses of computer in bank

The mainframe computer contributes to all the work that is done in the banking sector so that it should run smoothly. In the banking sector, all the branches access the server from different remote locations. Many types of requests come together on the server like fund transfer, fund / RD, credit card, Insta invest, etc. All these requests are resolved within seconds.

Mutual Fund, SIP For this type of service, one needs to go to the bank and you can access it from your smartphone.

3. Uses of Mainframe computer in Entertainment

A Mainframe computer plays a vital role in the field of entertainment Because nowadays in the digital age whatever you watch movies, comedy shows, all these are stored on high-performance servers.

s well as entertainment. With the advent of a computer, the member of the family can have easy access to games music, movie e-mail, chatting, and research for their projects and assignments. People can even enjoy the facility of watching television on their computers.

4. Uses of Mainframe computer in Retail

A Mainframe computer has played a major role in the retail sector. There are many brands these days that have multiple outlets. The retail company’s data resides on a dedicated server (mainframe computer) So that anyone can easily know the information of any of their stores.

Each and every retail store POS (Point of Sale) software is installed through which invoicing, attendance, stock information, Claiming, Accounting information, etc, is done, which is connected to the server.

5. Uses of mainframe computer in Cloud Computing and Cloud Storage

Cloud Computing and Cloud Storage depend on the mainframe computer. You cannot think of cloud computing and cloud storage without a mainframe computer. All the work of Cloud Computing and Cloud Storage is done on the mainframe computer.

All the Cloud software or apps it is installed on some server via you can access them from any of the locations. Cloud makes your data to make safe and secure and easy to access via the Internet. one of the best examples of cloud storage is Google Drive & Onedrive that allow users to store their information on the Cloud.

6. Uses of mainframe computer in Helthcare

In the health care sector also mainframe computer has a lot of contribution because there are many branches of the same hospital which are connected to each other.

Some of the health care work which is managed by mainframe computers from the different locations are following-

  1. Maintenance the record of Patient
  2. Inventory control
  3. Medication Monitoring
  4. Drug Information
  5. Drug Information Services
  6. Marketing and Distribution
  7. Pharmaceutical industries
  8. Computer in Retail Pharmacy


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