10 Key Difference between TCP and UDP

In this article, We will know about Difference between TCP and UDP from 10 points of key and Descriptions.

Difference between TCP and UDP


TCP(Transmission Control Protocol) and UDP (User Datagram Protocol) is Transport Layer Protocol and works on the OSI Model Of Transport Layer. TCP and UDP used on the Internet( Networking between Networks) for Transmitting Data from one Host to another.

Difference between TCP and UDP?

The Top 10 Following Difference Between TCP and UDP

Serial N.TCP(Transmission Control Protocol)KeyUDP(User Datagram Protocol)
1.TCP is a Connection-Oriented Protocol.Connection SetupUDP is Connection Less Protocol.
2.TCP is reliable because provide error checking support and guaranty for delivered the Data.ReliabilityUDP is unreliable because cannot taken guaranty for delivered the Data.
3.TCP sends the data on ordering or sequencing .OrderingUDP does not send data on Ordering.
4.TCP is slow beacuse used many more mechanism.SpeedUDP is Fast because does not used Mechanism.
5.Heavy Weight..OverheadLight Weight.
6.TCP has a (20-80) bytes variable length header.
Header SizeUDP has a 8 bytes fixed length header.

7.TCP has Options For Flow Control that use for Congestion Control.Congestion ControlUDP has not any Congestion Control because does not option of Flow Control.
8.The Common Application of TCP is Web browsing, E-mail, Chat, etc.Application The common application of UDP is Numerous key Internet Application.
9.TCP works on HTTPS, HTTP, Telnet, FTP, SMTP, etc.Difference ProtocolUDP works on DHCP, DNS and some other protocol which is Based over UDP is SNMP, TFTP, etc.
10.TCP takes guaranty for Transfer Date.Transfer DataUDP Does not take guaranty for Transfer Data.
  1. What is TCP and UDP stand For?

Ans. TCP – Transmission Control Protocol and UDP- User Datagram Protocol.

2. What is Difference between Connection Oriented and Connection Less Protocol?

Ans. TCP uses Connection-Oriented means before sending the data Setup of all the Connection when ever-reliable connection then transfers the data. UDP uses Connection Less means does not set up for transferring the Data.

3. Which technique used by TCP for Congestion Control of DATA?

Ans. TCP use Flow Control for Congestion Control of DATA.

4. What is TCP and UDP?

Ans. Read above Article

5. TCP Vs UDP?

Ans. For TCP Vs UDP can read above 10 Difference between TCP and UDP.


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