TOP 8 Application of Computer in Pharmacy

By | August 20, 2021

If you want to know Application of Computer in Pharmacy sector then this article is best for you.

Application of Computer in Pharmacy

The computer has a huge contribution to rapid development happening all over the world. The contribution of computers in every field whether it is in technology, science, research & development, education, media, and advertisement, hospital pharmacy, etc. The areas in which computers have been used have developed rapidly.

Computers are widely used in pharmacy practice because the informational needs of pharmacists are increasing day by day. If you want to know about the application of computers in the hospital pharmacy sector, then read this article from beginning to last.

Application of Computer in Hospital Pharmacy

1. Maintenance the record of Patient

Computer helps in maintaining the records of a patient. You can find the details of the patient profile within a single click. You have maintained the record of patient categories as three categories-

Maintenance the record of Patient
  • Patient profile

You can maintain the profile record of a patient through a computer. The following terms can be added to the patient profile.

Name: M K Singh

Age: 31

Sex: Male

Address: Ghaziabad

Waight: 70

Diagnostic: Fever

  • Entries of medication order

You can easily enter details of entries drug information through a computer. The following terms can be added to the Entries of Medication Order.

Medicine Name :

Medicine Dose :

Generic Name of medicine :

  • Medication Administration Records (MAR)

You can also add patient medication administration records (MAR) through a computer. if a patient is using the medicine for a long time period then MAR can help to prevent misuse of medicine. Medication administration record is also helpful for guidelines for physicians.

2. Inventory control

A computer is helpful for inventory control in the pharmacy sector. by inventory control pharmacists can check the quantity of medication available in a drug store to make an order. You can categorize inventory control from a computer into the following-

Inventory control in pharmacy
  • Settings of various level

You can define the settings of various levels of drug stock on inventory. On the minimum or maximum, you can set the notification that your drugs will be on a level second which is the minimum of stock.

  • Keeping the inventory

You can create the inventory for purposes of legal requirements such as auditing inspection, accounting purposes, etc.

  • Measurment of inventory

You can easily measurement of inventory through a computer. you can also find out how many stocks available in-store, the total price value of the stock, etc.

  • Finding of Moving Item

You can easily find and moving items of the store from the computer such as which item will maximum, minimum sold out on annum, which item is given more benefits on annum, etc.

3. Medication Monitoring

You can easily monitor the medication through a computer. You can medication monitoring in the following categories-

Medication Monitoring
  • Determincation of rate of excreation.
  • Volume of distribution.
  • Clearance.
  • Drug-drug.
  • Drub laboratory & drug disese interaction.
  • Maximize therapetic action of drug and avoid any toxic effect.

4. Drug Information

A pharmacist can search for complete drug information to clear the queries regarding pharmacology, drug interaction, address drug reaction toxicology with the help of the computer.

The national library of medicine created MEDLARS (Medical literature analysis & Reteivral system ) in 1964 for drug information.

5. Drug Information Services

A computer-aided program or drug design application is to help chemists formulate a new drug module to get the desire pharmacological action. Micromedex provides information on drugs and their identification, poison, emergency drugs.

6. Marketing and Distribution

Computers are used in the marketing and distribution of drugs. It involves a process of order, maintenance of records, and billing. With the help of computers, you can promote your business too easily such as to promote in the newspaper, online campaigning, etc.

You can manage order information, such as how many ordered are delivered, ordered pending, and how many orders are pending for distribution.

7. Pharmaceutical industries

Complete computerized is available for the management of drug manufacturing and quality control and also give information for starting process and finishing product. You can also manage various instruments and apparatus adjusted and calibrated with the help of computers.

8. Computer in Retail Pharmacy

You can use a computer for retail pharmacy. You can give stock to customers within a minute by taking payment. you can also give multiple payment options to customers such as debit cards, credit cards, digital wallets, etc. Computer in hospital pharmacy should be linked to a nursing station, tested laboratories, etc.

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