Differentiate between Bluetooth Technology and Infrared wireless Technology [ 7 Points]

By | December 12, 2021

Hey! if you want to Differentiate between Bluetooth Technology and Infrared wireless Technology then should read the full article.

Differentiate between Bluetooth Technology and Infrared wireless Technology

What is Bluetooth Wireless Technology?

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that lets you talk and share information like voice, music, and videos. Bluetooth technology was invented in 1994 by engineers ar Ericsson, a Swedish company. It is built into electronic gadgets.

Bluetooth technology was originally intended to be a wireless replacement for cables and wires between devices like phone headsets, computers, keyboards, etc. Apart from these devices, the Bluetooth device can connect TVs, Music Players, and even home healthcare devices.

2 Advantages of Bluetooth Technology

  • Bluetooth Device have less potential hazards than mobile phones.
  • With bluetooth technology, it has become easier to use wireless services as security, network address and permission configuration can be automated in comparison of any other networks.

What is Infrared Wireless Technology?

Infrared means below red (derived from the Latin word “infra” meaning “below”), while red is the color of the longest wavelength (a lower frequency) than that of the red light.

Infrared technology is used to send documents from portable computers to printers, to connect home entertainment systems, and to exchange information between computers, cellular telephones, and faxes. They require a line of sight connection between transmitter and receiver.

Infrared imaging is used extensively for military and civilian purposes. Military applications include surveillance, target acquisition, night vision, and tracking. Non-military uses include short-range wireless communication, remote temperature sensing, spectroscopy, and weather forecasting.

2 Advantage of Infrared WLAN

  • Higher Security – Infrared light cannot penetrate through walls, so it nearly impossible for an unathorized person to eavesdrop on the system from outside the room. This also makes it difficult to stage service attacks on system.
  • No Radio Frequecy Interferences.

What is the difference between Bluetooth Technology and Infrared wireless Technology? Bluetooth Technology Vs Infrared wireless Technology

S.N. Bluetooth Technology Infrared wireless Technology
1.Intended for data and voice communication.Intended for data communication.
2.Point to Multipoint transmission.Point to Point Transmission.
3.They do not require line-of-sight for transmission.They require lone-of-sight for transmission.
4.Can penetrate solid objects.Cannot penetrate solid objects.
5.May have radio frequency interference.No radio frequency interference.
6.Devices can be Mobile.Both devices should be stationary.
7.Range 10 meters.Span very short distances Range up to 5 meters.


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