How to download, Install and use TeamViewer

Teamviewer is a powerful program for remote access that will let you how download, Install, and use TeamViewer.

use teamviewer

TeamViewer is one of the best software for remote access in the world. It allows users to Remote access features such as Remote control, Video-Audio calling, Join -Schedule-Host Meetings, and presentations, Cross-Platform, Screen Sharing, Flexible File sharing, Remote Printing, Wake Up, Restart and Install, etc. It allows the user to take multiple remote sessions and control them.

TeamViewer’s first version was introduced in 2005 then after TeamViewer have many more versions. The Current version of Teamviewer is Teamviewer 15.

TeamViewer provides one of the best Encryption and security features. Team viewer is available on different platforms such as Windows, Android, Linux, Blackberry, macOS, etc.

How to Download TeamViewer

TeamViewer allows some trial days for free use then after you need to purchase. For purchasing Teamviewer you need to visit

For Downloading Teamviewer for Windows, you Can directly visit the official website or click on the below link to download some version of TeamViewer.

How to Install TeamViewer

After the Download Exe file you need to following below step:-

  1. Double Click on Download EXE.
  2. Click Yes, Then Run.
Teamviewer Install

3. Next Screen( Welcome Screen).

Select one of each from how do want to proceed and how do you want to use the terminal.

4. Click on Accept-Finish.

Welcome Meassage TeamViewer

4. It will be taken approx 40-50 Seconds To Installing.

TeamViewer Installing

5. Then after you can see the Opening Screen of TeamViewer.

How to Use TeamViewer

TeamViewer is too easy to use in concepts of other Remote Software. It allows users to connect your device remotely from any location via the Internet. If you need to access the same device each and every day you can choose one password for all authentications.

Each and every people want to know about any Remote software and have such a query that how to take remote, given remote, file transfer, Audio, and Video support, session recording, meeting, screenshot, etc. In TeamViewer also, all users have queries about how to use TeamViewer.

Some Questions and answers about How to Use TeamViewer can clear your all concepts.

Q1. How to give Remote Access control from TeamViewer?

Ans: For the same, you Open the TeamViewer In Allow Remote Control Section and tell Your id and Password to Partner.

TeamViewer Partner Id and Password

Q2.How to Take Remote Access control from TeamViewer?

Ans. Open TeamViewer then type your Partner ID and Password.

Partner ID teamViewer

Q3. How to Activate TeamViewer?

Ans. For Activation of TeamViewer Click On the Extras Menu then Select Activate Licence Type Licence Code and Click On Activate.

Activate TeamViewer

Q4. How to Host, Join and Schedule Meeting In TeamViewer?

Ans. Click On Connection Menu then Select Meeting, For Hosting Meeting, Click on Schedule Meetings, and For Joining Meeting type Meeting ID.

Meeting TeamViewer

Q5. How to enable key combinations in TeamViewer?

Ans. Take the remote of User, Select Actions Tab then click on send Key Combinations.

Key Combinations TeamViewer

Q6. How to file transfer in TeamViewer?

Ans. Take Remote of user < Click on File Transfer<Select theFile. If you want to send click on Send. If you want to receive a click on Received.

File Transfer TeamViewer

Q7. How to log off, Reboot, and Reboot in Safe mode in TeamViewer?

Ans. Take Remote of user<Select Actions<choose Remote Reboot.

If you want to reboot click on reboot options and also follow the same procedure for shutdown and reboot in safe mode.

Log Off

Q8. How do Chat, Video, and Audio Call in TeamViewer?

Ans. Take Remote of User<Click on Audio/Video Tab. Choose any options from your requirement for chat click on chat and Video and Audio click on the same.

Audio Chat Options In teamViewer

Q9. How do Record, screenshot, and Remote printing in TeamViewer?

Ans. Take Remote, and Click on Extras.

Choose any options for your requirement such as Remote Printing, Screenshot, Record, VPN, and Remote Update.

Extras Options TeamViewer

Q10. How to disable remote Input, Show a Black screen, and lock Computer In TeamViewer?

Ans. Take the remote, select Actions, and choose any options according to your requirement.

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