How to create and use a password reset disk on Windows 10

By | December 9, 2020

In this article, we will How to create and use a password reset disk on Windows 10.


What is Password Reset Disk?

Password Reset Disk is one of the best tools on the Windows Operating system via help you can easily reset the forgotten passwords of systems such as Windows 10.

To create Password Reset Disk you should have external storage devices such as Pen Drive, SD card, etc where you can create one disk via you can reset the password many more times.

Note:- You can only reset forgotten password of local User Accounts.

How to Create a Password Reset Disk in Windows 10?

To create a password reset disk on windows 10 follow these easy steps-

Note- Insert USB drive on PC before creating Password Disk.

  1. Navigate to Run by holding Windows+R keys.
  2. Type Control and Press Enter.
  3. Click on User Account.
User account on Windows 10

4. Click on Create a Password reset disk from left side panel.

Create a Password Reset Disk option on Control Panel

5. Click Next on Welcome to the Forgotten Password Wizard.

Forgot Password Wizard on Windows 10

6. Click Next on Create a Password Reset Disk Wizard.

Create Password Reset Disk

7. Type Current user account password and Click on Next.

Current Password of system

8. Click Next on Creating Password Reset Disk Wizard.

Password reset Disk Completed

9. Click Finish after Completing the Forgotten Password Wizard.

Finish Password Disk

After create Disk Please label this disk and Keep on safe place.

How to reset forgotten a password using reset a password disk on Windows 10?

  1. Insert Password Reset Drive on PC.
  2. Click on Reset Password on the Login screen.
  3. Select Disk and Click o Next.
  4. Type New Password, Confirm Password and click on Next.
  5. Click Finish on Completing on Password wizard.

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